pvp vs fate vs potd exp?

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User Info: Grey_Asakura

10 months ago#1
obviously dungeon is fastest if youre not a dps, but what bout dps exp?

User Info: Sefirosukuraodo

10 months ago#2
From 60-70? Well I notice that all PoTD floors give me a flat 388,000 exp so that's not viable (obviously they wouldn't want it to be) but for it's still good up to 60.

User Info: Kaiganeer

10 months ago#3
dungeon spam as a healer/tank, dungeons+fates as a dps

fates are really good if you luck out with the bonuses, fairly decent even if you don't

User Info: Spoiled Milk

Spoiled Milk
10 months ago#4
I got 614K with one Shatter at level 61. PotD is 388K. Frontlines is better than PVP for at least level 60+

User Info: roleplayergamer

10 months ago#5
Been trying to do fate runs for 2 hours for red mage. Wasn't very effective. It took quite a while to hit 51. I was able to get to level 52 after a 4 dungeon wait. But potd got me to 55 really quick

User Info: Noctis2343

10 months ago#6
50-60 is relatively fast in potd if you speed run floor 51-60
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User Info: SuperZay

10 months ago#7
There are people with lv68 already, they are not doing any of these.
Do you actually think you're clever? Think again.

User Info: GameplayZero

10 months ago#8
SuperZay posted...
There are people with lv68 already, they are not doing any of these.

then what are they even doing lol? Unless the story gives out that much and/or they are no lifing it, I don't see how.

also sorry OP I didn't see you make this topic before mine. My bad.

User Info: Eskii

10 months ago#9
I got rdm from 50-57 today with potd, FC mate got it to 60. After 60 i dont know... MSQ? and fates im guessing

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