With all the changes who would you guys say is the easiest to play DPS now?

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  3. With all the changes who would you guys say is the easiest to play DPS now?

User Info: ryudo500

9 months ago#41
seems SMN is easy because your only goal will be to summon bahmut, so just do whatever it takes ot get that out the quickest.

I like it
squaresoft NEVER FORGET

User Info: SheaStoned

9 months ago#42
Yup looks sexy as f***. Ninja got a ugly ass toad and you got a dragon

User Info: pronouncemyname

9 months ago#43
SheaStoned posted...
pronouncemyname posted...
SheaStoned posted...
pronouncemyname posted...
Maru_gamer posted...
There isnt any trial raid or other duty where you dont have 10 secs to stand still and cast mudras or use trick attack etc.

Not that weaving mudras and buffs in to your rotation was hard in the first place.

Exactly this. There is plenty of time in every fight where you don't have to move. Ninja is extremely easy to do well on but people act like its the toughest job in existence.

All of this is subjective anyway.

Ninja will be way more difficult then braindead dragoon, monk, summoner, black mage, and red mage to optimize. Its not subjective its commen sense looking at job changes. Play ninja and get booted out of every ex and raid team you encounter with the numbers you'll pull on it.

I can call jobs braindead too! NInja will always be easy to play and every job has things they can optimize. DRG is literally a line down a hotbar but they have to optimize for every fight too. I just consider ninja the easiest one.

I rarely play ninja but used it in a few echologs farms for fun, pulled high purple (one was 94% without an AST /cry) on it and was easily the best DPS in just about every pug (despite playing NIN) without even trying to optimize/not even close to optimal comps.

Sorry, NIN is easy. Don't have to try on it to do "good" DPS. Just going through the motions is enough for good DPS on ninja.

New ninja not old ninja. Ten chi jin is going to break fingers. They took away blms leyline mechanic difficulty and gave it to ninja. Took out ability weaving yet ninja has 10 seconds to mash as many mudras as possible. Bunny hats aplently in the new expansion.

Its literally fuma > raiton (katon if aoe) > suiton or doton.

Its not going to break fingers and it won't be hard.

User Info: Nytezero

9 months ago#44
You're not pressing ten mudra ten chi mudra ten chi jin mudra trick attack.

It's ten mudra chi mudra jin mudra trick attack. It's cumulative,according to April's build anyway.

Just 7 presses 0.5s apart from each other, you'll be done in 4s tops, 5s if you do it slightly slower to be safe.

That's what media seemed to imply, I could be wrong and it might turn out to be the former, but I highly doubt it. I mean yea it's essentially a skill with a 4s cast time, but you will find your window easily during progression.

User Info: GameplayZero

9 months ago#45
from what yoshi p said, samurai is a no go. With red mage being new it will also be hard to properly test the skill ceiling/flooring compared to most classes (Who we already have basic knowledge of).

seems as though ninjas base rotation is now far simpler and since monk hasn't really changed then it too. Your best bet is the melee jobs. All of them are basically in the same realm as they used to be with slight changes.

User Info: SheaStoned

9 months ago#46
We'll find out soon i guess. I still think excution wise and the punishment for not hitting proper inputs is higher on ninjas then every other dps.

Also rotation is easy. No matter what job you play it becomes muscle memory. Its when mechanics and timing bursts come into play and you also have to continue dps that difficulty matters. Ninjas new mechanics will be diffiicult to use on such a mobile job in content that usually doesnt give much downtime. Blms can tell you about it.

User Info: MysticVolcano

9 months ago#47
Sir Will posted...
benjjjamin posted...
Bard again. Are you even kidding me. The spoiled player base screamed to get all the tough components of bard taken away or they'd quit, and the devs caved because they're scared of the perpetual threat from spoiled brats. Now they're back to free, full rotations without interruption at long range.

Legolas fanboys are like the NRA of this game. Tiny population with an obscenely loud voice who is not afraid to crank it to 11 to get what they want.
Sadly, they're often successful at absurd decisions in their favor.

Get over it.

I actually have to agree, i don't even play bard and and that was just whining to the highest degree, No one liked bard having cast timers on a PHYSICAL DPS job and they listend. they are ranged jobs and should be allowed to move freely So indeed, Get over it.

Go play BLM for a while Then come back and talk about not being able to move for your damage.

User Info: BobRoss

9 months ago#48
PSA: Playing a more "difficult" class does not make you a better player. Guy A playing Monk who isn't causing wipes is a more valuable player than guy B playing ninja that keeps dying.

Honestly no job in this game is hard, this isn't a fighter. Doing your rotation is nothing like doing a combo where commands have far more buttons to press and execute lol.

User Info: SteadyingMeat

9 months ago#49
samurai seems the easiest from what ive seen
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  3. With all the changes who would you guys say is the easiest to play DPS now?

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