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johnearts 8 years ago#1
I am using a keyboard and 360 controller btw
Sanctferum 8 years ago#2
Scroll Lock can toggle the HUD display on and off, right? In my case, my keyboard doesn't have Scroll Lock (Mac Keyboard), so I had to assign a different key to it using Keybind.
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johnearts 8 years ago#3
I dont see scroll lock on my key board either...how do I do what u suggested?
johnearts 8 years ago#4
Exile9696 8 years ago#5
It is Scroll Lock for me, check your config keybinds and see if you can rebind it to something else.
johnearts 8 years ago#6
Abiz_ 8 years ago#7
Scroll lock is near the Home, Delete, End, Insert, PG UP, and PG DWN buttons.
Crysiania 8 years ago#8
johnearts posted...

Derp, cant you press escape and look at what each key on your keyboard does or something?

That too much to ask for?
johnearts 8 years ago#9
I will try
johnearts 8 years ago#10
Got it thanks guys
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