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User Info: mastercard747

8 years ago#1
Everyone needs to learn supply and demand and what things should cost in Deity Wars. If everyone would band together and make prices uniform and realistic it would be a great game. Ok this is what the prices should be for cards.

N== 1000 gils
NN=== 10,000 gils
R=== 2 to 3 Life Elixirs or 2 to 3 battle elixirs
RR== 20 to 30 LE or BE's
SR=== 100 to 200 LE's or BE's
SSR=== 1200 to 2000 LE's or BE's
LR===5,000 to 10,000 LE's or BE's

granted no all cards have good skill since the price differences for the same cards. People need to start places prices like this. Bad cards get the lesser of the price range and the best card gets the higher prices. Please will everyone pass on the price values so no one is getting had by low ballers or by someone over charging. also the prices above r for base cards only not enhanced if enhanced you need to add a few LE's or BE's for RR's and up cards plus always take into consideration in how many kujata's are used per enhancing but should never get all the LE's or BE's worth out of enhancing with kujatas.

Also here is prices for Kujata's

N=5,000 gils
RR=1 LE or BE
SR= 3 LE or BE

User Info: mastercard747

8 years ago#2
correction on price for RR cards should be 12 to 25 LE's or BE's

User Info: mastercard747

8 years ago#3
one more thang the materials that are up for sale is ridiculous in prices and some are just way over priced for things that enhace cards and they should never be more than some cards like tha Appoclypse materials crazy prices. Listing below is a price for those.

Appocolypse. 10 LE's or BE's
Fate 10 LE's or BE's
mats from 2000 to 2500 == 2 LE's or BE's
Mats 2550 to 3200 == 4LE's or BE's
mats 1000 to 1500 == 1 LE's or BE's
all under 1,000 gils
all mats 4,000 not Appoc or Fate should be the same as Appoc or Fate materials.

User Info: lucidsun22

8 years ago#4
Um, no! Those prices are outrageous for RR, SSR and LR!

Supply and demand will handle things, and would have done well if people didn't flood the market with duped LE and BP.

Duping is the major problem in DW and RoB. Not low ballers and price gaugers.

User Info: goldslime111

8 years ago#5
your prices for sr and up are to high. no one has that many 10k+ worth of le/be to buy a ssr/legend card since that is several hundred dollars just to get that many and there is no way you can earn that much legit in the game.
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