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  3. I liked Hinata as a character BEFORE..

User Info: Im_A_potato

5 years ago#11
I feel like digging up some hentai....
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User Info: -Caliban-

5 years ago#12
I like boring, one-dimensional characters too!
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User Info: occupation_bob

5 years ago#13
KingofDeceit666 posted...
I like boring, one-dimensional characters too!

Now would be a good time for me to ask you what a one dimensional character is.
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User Info: yoshibirdofan

5 years ago#14
I loved her with a passion since the beginning
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User Info: UltimaXOmega

5 years ago#15
I can't stand Hinata.
It's all about Tayuya and Fuu.
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User Info: Shadow2Life

5 years ago#16
I disliked Hinata as a character BEFORE..

she decided it was a good idea to attack Pain.
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User Info: HeartoftheForce

5 years ago#17
Yeah, I never liked Hinata before the Pain bit and I don't really like her now...
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User Info: oded301190

5 years ago#18
IMO, Hinata's alright, but more attention should've been paid to Hanabi - other than her status in the Hyuuga family, what do we even know about her, plot-wise? It's like Kishimoto forgot she even exists... Then again, pre-war-post-timeskip Tenten also comes to mind...
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User Info: HeyWheresKel

5 years ago#19
I liked her since the Chuunin exams.
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User Info: TheSupremeOverl

5 years ago#20
i liked her since i saw her stand up to Neji (one of my favorite characters), plus she was nice

most people seem to like her because of time skip
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  3. I liked Hinata as a character BEFORE..
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