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User Info: bigdee1960

8 years ago#1
I have played almost every Cabela's hunting game going back to PS2 and Xbox. One of my favorites was the original Dangerous Hunts on Xbox. This game finally gets it right. Straight up hunting at its finest. This game has great gun selections and customization. The tracking and stocking is done real well. You can walk through bushes, trees, water and up hills without hitting invisible walls. I have played this game for about four hours without getting stuck on the terrain. The aiming and shooting mechanics are as good as it gets. Quality wise I have only seen one small momentary optical glitch that did not detract me from the game. This game has a quad 4X4 ATV. The quad handles really well and act like it should to a degree in real life. Overall this is the best console hunting game I have ever played. More details to come.
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