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SushimanX 8 years ago#1
First off, just to ease your worries, this game is GOOD. I was actually one of the people that thought this game going to be crap due to lack of information. After playing for 4 hours, I was hooked. I did not complete the game yet just to inform you.

The graphics aren't that bad as many people say. They fit this genre/gameplay. The atmosphere is fantastic. With my trusted flashlight, I ventured through all sort of locations such as a police station, hospital, grocery store, park, etc. I believe the locations are fixed on day/night cycle. Walking through the park level was at night while visiting the a town was in the day.

The gameplay is very similar to dishonored. Combat is more melee focused. A melee weapon has light/heavy attack functions and walkers can easily be killed from a stealth kill. Walkers can only be killed with 4 light or 2 heavy swings to the head. You also can shove walkers off with the RB button just in case you need some breathing room. Now if you happen to get caught within a walker's grasp, you will go into a quicktime event where you need to aim at the walker's head and stab. It's not easy at this point since the camera is shaking, your view is distorted, and your health gradually drops a bit every passing moment. I found it frustrating when I had like numerous walkers on me so I had to do that quicktime event one after another.

Using a firearm is only means for last resort because ammo is scarce and attracts more walkers to your position. So even if you decide to kill off every single walker in a level, walkers will eventually respawn back. Sometimes it's best to avoid fighting so you need to be smart against walkers. There are distraction items to be used against walkers. For example, throwing a glass bottle at desired direction or activating a car alarm to sway off walkers.

The main goal in levels are scavenging for fuel, food, ammo. and weapons like a rabid dog. Sometimes you will encounter survivors that need help as well. In return for completing their quests, they either will aid you by joining your group or give supplies. Unfortunately, you cannot bring everyone to your group because of limited car space. Sometimes you will change vehicles that can hold 2 while others only hold 1. Not to worry, the survivors don't have much personality after joining up. Between levels, there are some planning to do like picking one of three routes to go. One route uses low fuel but high chance to get more supplies and vice versa. Entering a level, you can choose what equipment to bring, command your survivor to find supplies, store what supplies at the car.

The sound is good. Spooky music plays when something is about happen. I actually jumped at times because I never expected what was going to happen. The voice acting is good. Sometimes when you stealth kill a walker, your character will make witty remarks, "Suck it", "Di*khead". That was funny.

In conclusion, I believe this is a good purchase for $40 at amazon. This game has replay value unlike the TT version. Think of this game as an improved Land of the dead on XBOX.
fceurich 8 years ago#2
yeah i was nervous as hell b4 seeing the behind the scenes video yesterday then today some gameplay walkthrough videos on youtube eased my nerves cant wait until tuesday yeah graphics aint great but the gameplay is so that is good
BossSnake 8 years ago#3
Wow this all sounds awesome can't wait to pick this up Tuesday. Thanks for sharing ur thoughts.
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Darque 8 years ago#4
Similar to Dishonored?

That makes my day.
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G1243 8 years ago#5
I just beat the game.

It was better than I expected (better than Aliens Colonial Marines), but still it is not a game I recommend. Ask yourself, if it didn't have "The Walking Dead" title to it, would it still be a good game?

The answer is 'No'. It's basic and generic as can be. It's clear Activision / Terminal Reality made this game without much depth; and only to cash in on the TV series, and rushed this out to coincide with it.

Daryl's voice acting was average, but Merle's VA is pretty good and convincing. The secondary survivor characters are not bad, either. But the story is non-existent, and that's the main problem. All the game really is, is finding supplies, and fuel. Go from this town, to that town.

Even though there are multiple towns/paths you can take, it's all the same. I don't care about replaying it because there really isn't much to offer here, and so I'd prefer TT's TWD point-and-click game to this one.
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SSTrunks1138 8 years ago#6
Sounds kind of like the zombie flash game The Last Stand 2. On that game you pick different routes that use different supplies and such.
PsyEd 8 years ago#7
The game is WAY better than Alien CM ANYDAY. Graphics are pretty alright with game running around 30fps and looks very clean. Like OP said it's more melee focused...and a very good one at it. I only played an hour and using guns is not a good idea at all...gets too hard & zombies surround you from all directions to give you a quick death. I rather throw bottles around to distract zombies and get the fuel tanks.

I must say the sound fx and music in the game is really good...hitting a zombie with a hammer until it falls it plain awesome. Guns sound ok too....best if you have a 5.1 surround setup as you'll know where the zombies are or coming from.

If you're a fan of the tv series and/or in for zombie bashin then get it. This is not L4D in any way....much slower pace and zombies are hard to kill. But like L4D you need to go to point A to B and can take different routes based on your play style....so there is replay value for achievement hunters than being a total bore like Silent Hill Downpour. Think this game will get a 7.5/10...but in no way it's a horrible game or anything and WAY better than Alien Colonial marines.
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stargazer1981 8 years ago#8
The only two things I care about are: how long does it take to acquire the crossbow? And can you retrieve your bolts?
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G1243 8 years ago#9
stargazer1981 posted...
The only two things I care about are: how long does it take to acquire the crossbow? And can you retrieve your bolts?

You can retrieve bolts. But the crossbow takes a long time to reload. You don't get the crossbow until about 75% of the way through.

After you beat the game, you can start a New Game with the crossbow in your inventory. You have to activate a Relic (which you unlock after beating the game once) for this to happen. You can unlock other Relics by saving survivors.

I saved Blake early on, and unlocked Silenced Pistol and Rifle, which I prefer more. Unlock all Relics to get Infinite Ammo Relic. However, you can only use one Relic per New Game.

I give this game a 6 out of 10. It's a straight rental game, not one you are gonna cherish in your game library, even with the "Walking Dead" brand on it.
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Rizzman111 8 years ago#10
This is kind of random, but what is the semi auto pistol? A Glock, a Sig, what? I saw in the intro that Daryl had a Glock 17. I just want to know.
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