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User Info: DJ0224

6 years ago#1
My father in law just picked this up but he hasn't played it yet, hell he doesn't even have a ps3 yet. anyway i really want to play flow and flower (already played journey) and i know the disc just installs the games to your ps3. My question is could i install them to my ps3 and just play them like that or does it require the disc to be in the tray when you play them? And if i can can the game be installed to multiple ps3's? That way i don't just steal his game lol.

User Info: Klop_Job

6 years ago#2
The disc is still required after installing them unfortunately.

You can install off the disc as many times as you want onto as many PS3s as you want, but the disc is still needed whenever they are wished to be played.

User Info: sadiq2010

6 years ago#3

your question is very stupid and lame and nonsense.


User Info: zzamaro

6 years ago#4
Yeah. Unfortunately you need the disc. I don't like this because it's talking space in my HDD.

I don't like the way it works.
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User Info: Rainierman

6 years ago#5
It's kinda natural, however.

I mean, it is a downloadable game. So, all its data will always be in a hard drive. And incidentally, hard drives load considerable faster than discs. So if you programmed a download-only game, naturally, it will depend and take advantage of its available resources: the hard drive's speed. (And I bet the game has little to none loading screens because of this)

If your game was successful, and you have a market for disc copies, you can release them. But the game still depends on the hard drive, so you copy the game's key files (install) into your faster hard drive, so you don't need to load so much from the slower disc.

And if you want to be able to play it without a disc, well, why did you get the disc in the first place? Get the software version. Sadly, we aren't getting the best from both worlds, yet. I'll add that I think physical games should come with their digital version. Just like some PS3 games now come with their PSP/Vita counterparts.
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