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User Info: nozomi429

6 years ago#11
So the DLC isn't included. That's...extraordinarily lame.
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User Info: Dragodemon_X

6 years ago#12
May I ask a potentially moot question [or two]?

Can the add-on work with the version of flOw available in the collector's edition at all?

Disregard whether or not it is included with the initial purchase: is the expansion compatible with this version of the game? I did not purchase flOw prior to this collective release from TGC, and as such, I am only nominally familiar with the hullaballoo surrounding one of their patches making it impossible to access the expansion without working around it. That being said, the version we've received is the final version of flOw with all patches incorporated.

My thoughts on this 'expansiOn' not being included are laissez-faire at their worst, but personally, I fear the expansion was not included due to some form of latent technical issue. And yes, I am far too cheap to waste my two dollars and some-odd change to experiment for myself (I am not experimenting with anything tech-related for a long time, lost over a terabyte of data within the last two months and am still trying to re-assemble my archives).
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