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User Info: firstgold

8 years ago#1
So using methods of cheating on the easier Devilish training exercises, I've manged to get my grade up to Star level. Is this the final rank then? Because any more progress won't grow the bar anymore, but there is still a partially filled bar on the devilish training card, so I'm a little confused.

For those who are curious, this appears to be the ranking order I've pulled out:


User Info: firstgold

8 years ago#2
It went higher when I improved in an exercise other than pairs, so I'm guessing there ARE ranks higher than * at this point.

User Info: podracer35

8 years ago#3
** and ***? O.o
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User Info: firstgold

8 years ago#4
I dunno yet. I only went up a little bit, I only went up one more level in devilish mice. :P

I'm going to work on a program that will assist me on the devilish calculations, so maybe going higher in those (The audio one too) will help push me over the edge.

But seriously, I'm at level 20 something in pairs, maxed out in level in reading, and cups, I'm on fast 7-mouse in devilish mice, how much higher does Kawashima think we can go NORMALLY? XD

User Info: Spanish_Bread

8 years ago#5
i''ve got ** stars but still the bar is increasing whenever i get into new/higher levels by accident XD... so i guess there is still rank ***, but as far as i know devilish calculations can go upto 99? i think i read that in "iwataasks" interview for that game...

User Info: Spanish_Bread

8 years ago#6

there you go, devilish calculations can go up to 99 @.@

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i wonder if the school girl in the movie "Safe" can just play this game XD

User Info: narcissm

8 years ago#7
Triple star *** must be the highest rank. I just got it today and there's no bar on the card.

User Info: firstgold

8 years ago#8
^ Cool, thanks!

How in the world did you get it? Did you actually earn it, or are you cheating in the devilish training as well?

User Info: narcissm

8 years ago#9
Nah I didn't use any cheats. I like giving myself a headache. O_o

I worked on all the devilish trainings everyday as they appeared and did most of the other trainings as well. I think my level in pairs and shapes (23 and fast 11 as of now) boosted my grade a lot.

User Info: AkanubonOrih

8 years ago#10
Jeez. Way to go, dude. All my scores are pretty low. After I got the 7 days in a row for each game, I decided I'd only play the ones I feel like playing any given day... which has pretty much only been Listening which I've gotten to Fast 4 Back on. Highest back I think I've been in any of the three.
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