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User Info: revan193

3 years ago#1
Hello. I'm trying to create the team of my dreams with only female characters, do you have any suggestion for me?

I'm personally thinking of making (also, by "team", I mean from the ship's crew to the MS pilots):

1-Zeon team

2-E.F.F team

3-Zeon/E.F.F mix team

4-ZAFT/Zeon mix team

5-Multi-series team (composed of female characters from all Gundam series I know)

One last thing, each of these "teams" will have a custom character I made. For example, Zeon will get "Tanya Degurechaf", a new recruit who might become a newtype (or just be good enough to deserve piloting the Sinanju).

User Info: Zexiel

3 years ago#2
This is my lineup for my all-female playthrough, which is presently on hold as I bought G Gen Genesis and am enjoying that.

Rondo Mina Sahaku (Master)
Stella Loussier (Master)
Cagalli Yula Athha (Leader)
Cherie Allison (Leader)
Emma Sheen (Leader)
Junko Jenko (Leader)
Lalah Sune
Haman Karn
Rosamia Badam
Nena Trinity
Lunamaria Hawke
Cima Garahau
Ellis Claude
Ennil El
Yurin l'Ciel
Soma Peries
Mudie Holcroft
Shiho Hahnenfuss
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