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User Info: Monty1385

3 years ago#1
What does the master and team leader positions do? I tried finding a basic guide to this game but couldnt its my first g game and its awesome but i have no idea what stats to build and who to make leaders. Any info or links would be awesome

User Info: MachineWind

3 years ago#2
MAster = regenerate HP and EN per turn (25%?) and can have Assist attack with everyone (I think). Use it to combo attack - for flashiness and getting that extra score point. Also no size limitation, so you don't sacrifice unit slot for XXL Unit unlike normal team member.

Team leader = I don't remember much, but I think it has bonuses for units in the leadership area (like an aoe aura). Also some pilots have skills that increase exp gain when you are in their leader aura (must be team leader). So it helps with grinding.

As for stats, Pilots stats are overshadowed by unit stat so don't worry too much. Focus on mech level first. Then, maybe on their damage stats (melee/Ranged/Awakening). I have a character with maxed stat, but If your mech is weak, it won't really do them any good. Exception maybe awakening stat, since funnels usually depend on those.

I guess if you want to grind forever, this can help

Don't worry about it early game though, you can grind a lot easier later in the game with the items (which unlock depending on how many stage/battle you have done).
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