I was about to say..... *spoilers*

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User Info: vash520

4 years ago#1
I've been playing Okami for about a week now and I just defeated Orochi and got Tsukiyomi for the first time.. I thought I was at the end of the game and as I was doing the moon cave i thought to myself about how angry i was that such a good game was so damn short. I got a bunch of weapons, got a bunch of brush strokes and was about to defeat Orochi. The fight was as good as any last boss fight should be, multi-phased, good stuff. I thoroughly enjoyed it but i was so displeased that the journey was already coming to an end. I don't think I've ever been more happy to be wrong.
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User Info: CryBaby51

4 years ago#2
I had the exact same experience! Man, I love this game so so much.....
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User Info: Shinki_of_Makai

4 years ago#3
I originally played the game on Ps2 Japanese version and thought the same. I was happy with it... then when it continued I was astonished.

User Info: _NeroZero_

4 years ago#4
About 90% of the gamers felt that way.

The ones that figured that the amount of Stray Beads did not match with the length of the story if it would be the end obviously didn't.
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User Info: Mookiethebold

4 years ago#5
_NeroZero_ posted...
The ones that figured...

That would be me. Stuff was still missing, so it couldn't be over yet!
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User Info: imthesledge

4 years ago#6
It's obvious that its not the end. There are WAY too many loose ends that arent tied up.

13 brush techniques, and Waka storyline were the main ones. All that you had to do to see that it wasnt the end was to look in ANY of the menu's that shows you what you've found and see that you were missing at least half of the monsters/beads/animals

come on guys.

People are saying that this is a false ending, but its clear that its not. Orochi was at best another sub-boss (EXTREMELY easy, put the saki into his mouth, attack, rinse and repeat until the bell)
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  3. I was about to say..... *spoilers*

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