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TLeHn 6 years ago#1
I finally got this stamp after playing this game over and over again over the course of a weekend, so I just wanted to share some strategies and tips that might be useful for those that are also trying to get this stamp.

-The first big mistake I made was that I never used my scrolls. I often ended up with 5 or more scrolls after Round 2, Stage 3 (2-3). However, there are more than 15 scrolls you can get in this game, but the maximum you can carry at a time is 5 so don't hesitate to use them or else they won't appear if you already have 5.

-For this reason it's helpful to note where the scrolls appear so that you can plan out when to use them (this list might be missing 1 or 2)
--Stage 1-1 (1 scroll): In one of the brown buds at the very beginning. The one containing the scroll can be destroyed with 3 stars. If you need more then it's likely that you got the one with the red ninja.
--Stage 1-2 (1): In the 2nd half of the stage there are a bunch of pots in the house. One of them contains a scroll as well as a pink ninja, so make sure you defeat it before it disappears. This can be a bit tricky if it's close to the wall so that your stars hit the wall instead of the ninja.
--Stage 1-Bonus (3): You can find 3 scrolls here. So after this stage it's possible to have 5 scrolls.
--Stage 1-3 (1): You get one scroll for destroying the colorful wall-thing in front of you at the beginning of the stage.
--Stage 1-4 (3): You can get up to 3 scrolls by destroying the parts of the boss.

--Stage 2-1 (2): A scroll is in one of the buds at the beginning and in a pot in the 2nd half of the stage.
--Stage 2-2 (2): One of the pots at the side (first half of the stage) and in the house (second half) contains a scroll. The thing with the pink ninja from stage 1-2 applies here as well.
--Stage 2-Bonus (4): You can find 4 (maybe 5?) scrolls here, so use them freely in stage 2-1 and 2-2 because you'll likely have 5 again after this stage.
--Stage 2-3 (3): Both of the colorful walls contain a scroll. One of the pots after the part with the white wall also contains a scroll. There might be another scroll at this part, but I'm not sure.
--Stage 2-4 (4): I once got 4 scrolls here, but beating this boss without any scrolls shouldn't be a problem.

-You shouldn't use any scrolls on the boss (except maybe on stage 2-4 when you still have some left). You'll play this boss many times so that you can beat it without any trouble, so the the boss is actually the easiest part of the run. This means that you can restart after stage 2-3 if you missed a ninja on your current attempt.

-The more scrolls you want from the boss, the more time it takes. For me, getting 3 scrolls in stage 1-4 was too time consuming and tiring, because I sometimes had to destroy every single part of it to get the third scroll, so I always went for 2 scrolls, so I could still use 3 scrolls on the first round. As for the boss in 2-4, I just destroy it as fast as possible.

-Getting this stamp only requires you to defeat all ninjas. You can get hit or hit Monita and still get the stamp.

-Depending on how fast you defeat certain groups of ninjas, additional groups appear which means more points for you, but also more ninjas that might get away, so don't be surprised if new groups appear you haven't seen before. This happens as you get better at this game. However, if you intentionally slow down, the normal ninjas might escape because of that. I think being faster is better than being too slow, but that's up to you.
TLeHn 6 years ago#2
-As for the special attacks you can use with the scrolls, I think Triple Star is the best. Three stars means more attack power while each star also automatically aims at an enemy so you can easily clear a screen just by moving your hand very quickly without having to aim. Hawk Eye is good for parts where you have to throw stars with precision, but you should not use it to defeat a large group of ninjas because the effect will only last for that group. Triple Star is better for this because the effect lasts longer than Hawk Eye in terms of the time that actually passes in the stage. Clay Bomb is my least favorite out of the three. It deals the most damage per hit (so that you can quickly kill the black ninja or the boss) and the explosion radius also deals damage to surrounding enemies, but you still have to aim and the explosions obscure the screen which makes it hard to spot enemies you have missed.

-A big problem I had (which also makes me somewhat dislike this minigame) was that the gamepad often didn't recognize the symbol for "Triple Star". This was because I always did minimalistic throwing motions (or else playing would get tiring very quickly) so that the "V"-Symbol was closer to a "/" with a small downwards stroke at the beginning. This often happened unconsciously and especially during situations where I had to act very quickly and couldn't affort to look at the gamepad, so I lost many attempts to this. If you have the same problem, then you should try to emphasize the downward stroke (e.g. by pressing the stylus with the index finger towards yourself so that the stylus goes downwards) because I think that's the primary factor for recognizing this symbol. This was also the last tip I needed to get the stamp.

-Whenever you use a scroll the game pauses to "announce" which attack you're using. You can reload your stars during that pause which is very useful when you're out of stars with many enemies on screen.

-Here are the parts that I found difficult and where I always used scrolls (always Triple Star unless noted otherwise)
--Stage 1-2: After killing the first green ninjas a single blue one appears. Many green ninjas appear after killing that one. That's where I use the first scroll.
--Stage 1-Bonus: I always throw stars until the first non-blue ninja appears or when 10% of the pots are gone, then I use the Triple Star.
--Stage 1-3: Destroy the colorful wall in front of you as fast as possible which should give you a scroll. This also makes it impossible for enemies to hide behind it. Apart from that I always have trouble killing the ninjas behind the white wall where you can only see their silhouettes, so I use a scroll when 5 ninjas appear at the same time and another scroll when 4 red ninjas appear at once at the end of the stage.
--Stage 2-1: At the beginning of this stage I should have 5 scrolls. I personally find this stage to be the hardest because many ninjas only appear for a very short period of time on seemingly random spots, so here I use 4 scrolls: The first one when the first group of 3 ninjas appears, the second one ~3 seconds after the first one's effect wears off, the third one in the second half of the stage after I kill the first two yellow ninjas and the fourth scroll is used right after that.
TLeHn 6 years ago#3
--Stage 2-2: Here you can also use 4 scrolls which should leave you with 1 scroll at the end of this stage if you collect all available scrolls. I use the first one after killing the green ninjas that spawn on the "lanterns" (?) so that you can easily get all of the pink ninjas on the trees. The second one is used whenever I feel I'm about to miss a ninja in the first half of the stage. You don't have to use a scroll when the large group of blue ninjas runs towards you. You can easily get all of them if you already start to quickly throw stars in their direction before they appear. The third one is used when a couple of pink ninjas appear in the trees in the second half because they tend to escape rather quickly. And the last scroll is used when the red ninjas appear: It's important to use it -before- the red ninja comes close to you, or else you might not have enough time to kill the red ninja (they'll block your attacks if you're too slow) and the surrounding ninjas.
--Stage 2-Bonus: I use the remaining scroll here in the same way as in stage 1-Bonus.
--Stage 2-3: Here I usually start with 4 or 5 scrolls. Right after the stage starts I try to destroy a piece of the wall in front of the player. Then I use the first scroll when Monita appears with lots of blue ninjas. The wall should be destroyed after the effect wears off. You don't need to use a scroll when Monita appears again with many blue ninjas because this time there's no wall that protects them so you can kill all of them if you quickly throw the stars "in advance", i.e. where the ninjas are going to be in a few milliseconds.
The only time where I use the Hawk Eye is when 2 green and 2 yellow ninjas appear at the same time because I always tend to miss them.
The third and fourth (and maybe fifth) scroll are used in succession when Monita appears with ninjas behind the wall standing still (i.e. after they ran from left/right to right/left twice). Triple Star automatically aims at enemies so you don't have to aim which makes hitting the ninjas easy without hitting Monita.
The next scroll I always use is at the very end when Monita appears with a blue ninja that quickly disappears. Here using Triple Star a couple seconds in advance is better than using Hawk Eye when the ninja appears because the former's effect lasts longer (in terms of the time that passes without slowdown) so that you don't have to worry about using the scroll too early/too late or about the symbol not being recognized (this has happened to me several times). And you don't have to aim, so you can just throw a star whenever the ninja appears and the stars should automatically aim at the ninja.
You can also use a scroll or two for the teleporting ninjas.

-I don't know if this applies to others, but I found that playing with stylus gives me more precision when throwing the stars. I didn't hold it like pen, but rather parallel to the index finger so that it kinda formed an extended index finger. Then I used a normal sweeping motion just like when you play without the stylus.

So yeah, these are the tips I wanted to share. I hope they are helpful to you if you also want to get this stamp!

So next challenge for me will be the perfect Balloon Flight game which for me seems to be the hardest because of the length, but I rarely played this minigame so I don't know whether my first impression is correct...Anyway, thanks for reading! Feel free to share your strategies you used for this minigame (or Balloon Flight) in order to get the hardest stamps!
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