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Whisper_The_II 7 years ago#1
These seem to vary in terms of the length of 'perfect' play required, whether the perfection needs to be intermittent or continuous, and the parameters of just what 'perfect' play means. Since some of these feel like they'll be brutally hard, I don't want to chase after a false requirement getting practice and familiarity I don't need. I think I've gathered what I need to do through intuition, experimentation and scouring around this board, but if anyone as taken by the game as me who has actually bothered with all this insane nonsense could confirm what's right and what's wrong, it'd keep upcoming headaches to a minimum.

Yoshi's Fruit Cart's "Gatemaster": Reach the 50th gate of the original set without taking any warps.

Octopus Dance's "Flawless Fifty": Get 50 "Perfect" ratings for your moves. No other parameters matter as long as you accomplish this before the game is over.

Donkey Kong's Crash Course's "Perfect Run": Get through the first two stages without dying or missing a banana.

Takamaru's Ninja Castle's "Unstoppable": Reach the game's true ending with a 100% accuracy rating.

Captain Falcon's Twister Race's "Racing Perfection": Reach the game's true ending without hitting a single obstacle. Simply 'brushing' against walls/green barriers does not factor.

Balloon Trip Breeze's "Flawless Flight": I am completely unsure of this one. I don't know if it involves not taking a hit, not losing a life, not missing a balloon, carrying prizes from island to island, getting perfect landings, a combination of any, and whether any of these parameters need to be maintained to the first ending or the final one on stage 7-1. I'd appreciate any specifics here especially since Balloon Trip Breeze is lengthy enough that it'd take a good deal of practice to fulfill a few of these to 7-1, and practice useful only to a given parameter at that.
Whisper_The_II 7 years ago#2
This is apropos about nothing, but out of nowhere I think I've found getting Master Rank on the Extra stages in Pikmin harder than any of the perfect-style stamps in the single-player attractions, and Unstoppable took bloody hours.
Luigi_Fan2 7 years ago#3
Personally, I'm never going for Gatemaster, Unstoppable, Racing Perfection, and Flawless Flight. (I could go for Gatemaster, but Yoshi's Fruit Cart is boring for me...) Excluding Island Hopper, I have the rest of the stamps though. Also, if you want some help for Pikmin Adventure, here are a few topics that you may want to look at: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/673043-nintendo-land/65286728

I can give individual stage tips for Pikmin Adventure if you want. :) Different people struggle with different games though, so it may be the hardest stamp for you, but it wasn't for me.
Whisper_The_II 7 years ago#4
I actually ground out the two I was missing earlier this evening. Cage of Terror was easily the most obnoxious of the bunch. That wore on me quickly because it's so long, and I'm not talented enough with perfect placement and micro-management to not need some good luck with Pinchipede. If it weren't so damned long it wouldn't be nearly as trying, but since 90% of the runs get to Pinchipede after you've really ironed out a route through the gauntlet leading to the boss, and failure there means roughly 6 wasted minutes, attempts were very stop and start. Ironically, the stage I thought would be an absolutely nightmare (Goodbye, Pikmin) was comparatively not that bad.

What slaughters me in The Tyrant Arrives and Cage of Terror is that you're tackling the bosses not much higher than level 10, so they are necessarily long, and long matches against the second forms of Studded Beeb and Pinchipede are just recipes for something going wrong. The more Beeb spams his spin, the more perfectly your damage opportunities need to be exploited, and the more Pinchipede does anything, the likelier you are to eat it.

Meanwhile, pikmin with the knuckle powerup make jokes of the first two bosses in Goodbye, Pikmin, and by then your level's high enough to completely transform the Pinchipede fight with a decent trigger finger. In the four or five failures it took for the two Beebs to cooperate, I was reliably able to spam Pinchipede down to his second form before a separated segment managed to wedge itself into his circling with Olimar, and concurrently, spam him to his final attack phase before he once hid his weakpoint to go on a rampage. It's still pretty risky in the phase, but intentionally taking a hit and just lancing regular pikmin onto him and chilling out in a calm corner did the trick while he wigged out somewhere off-screen.

It really just boiled down to being lucky enough to have a whip seed spawn from the boxes before the Beeb fights. Being around level 19 to 20 by this point makes the Bladed Beeb ludicrously fast. You can take out a weakpoint in a full compliment of pikmin, then just continuously hug his body running toward the back, tapping at him once or twice during lulls, and it's over totaling 30 seconds. The Studded Beeb continues to be the showstopper but he's gone twice as fast as in The Tyrant Arrives, so even though it took 4 failures not to get caught off-guard during an onslaught immediately following a spin, it didn't feel like the fruitless scurrying around until the stars aligned the first fight with him was.
Luigi_Fan2 7 years ago#5
Nice to hear that you got it. :) Being someone who plays with the Pikmin, my experiences were probably quite a bit different. The Greater Studded Beeb was by far the hardest part of mastering the stages. (When you're against one enemy with lots of health, Olimar usually has a much higher damage output, so he's probably better for the boss. It easily takes a minute and a half with the Pikmin, and even longer on The Tyrant Arrives.) On the other hand, the Pikmin doesn't really have a hard time with the Pinchipede. The first form can cause some trouble, but that's pretty much it.
Whisper_The_II 7 years ago#6
You know, I tried Cage of Terror with Pikmin for kicks and wow, you weren't kidding about Pinchipede. Not only is the most unreliable phase of the fight completely harmless to Pikmin, but the phase leading up it, with him rampaging in his second form, has guaranteed safety with Pikmin because of his simple and rapid jump. The only wildcard during it with Olimar was always when Pinchipede turned toward you after you dodged a pincer lunge. Swiping to jump wasn't reliable enough for me to keep Olimar more or less constantly in the air, which completely mitigates the risk of Pinchipede's movement if you're in a corner. It's much easier to do with Pikmin, so even if Pinchipede is quite literally pushing you along, you're just landing on his head over and over anyway, so he doesn't actually hit you.
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