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User Info: Buffoolo

7 years ago#1
So this is my attempt at encouraging anyone else considering this game, that well worth the buy - especially if you've never played it on another system.

Not having the trilogy is a bit annoying, but I live in Australia where games are frequently more expensive and this can be purchased brand new for $20.

Well worth it just for the online aspect alone.

But this is also a stand out single player sci-fi game where your decisions you choose can have an effect on the story and who lives or dies.

For those who haven't played me1 or me2 and don't know the story, its a bit hard to pick up. Theres a comic to start the adventure that gives you a rough idea, and you can pick the general gist of things up along the way - but ultimately you still get the feeling your not as invested as you could be.

Aside from that its a lengthy action game with a deep story that will take roughly 30-35 hours to complete. Its not overly challenging as when you die you literally start just before the fight you died at, but theres enough rewards to keep you playing.

Over now to the online game - a bit bored of COD i found myself pleasantly surprised by the online aspect mass effect offers.

Its a 4 player co-op against waves of enemies, with a few simple challenges mixed it.

At first it can be a bit repetitious and possibly on the easy side (playing on bronze of course..), once you start levelling up and combining your powers with other players it can be quite a fun distraction.

Theres a rewards system that will keep you coming back for a bit, to unlock new characters, weapons, upgrades and also a levelling up system.

With a few classes on offer, it will take 10-15 hours to level them up fully and then I'd imagine you'd still have fun unlocking the rest of the characters and learning the different play styles.

When all is said.. if its in the bargain bin I'd definitely recommend buying it.
At full price, knowing how much I've enjoyed it - i would have got it then too.

So if your remotely curious, just get it - you'll love it
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