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  3. The obligatory question: How does this compare to Heavy Rain? (Mostly in story)

User Info: contown

3 years ago#1
I've been reading reviews, and quite a few say the story is a step down from HR, the choices have less of an impact, and the ending isn't changed a whole lot, save dying early. How true is all of that? I loved how much choices affected HR, and just how many possible ending scenarios there are. I've played the game myself and watched two others play through it, and each one was much different.

Does BTS stack up? Or did it take a step down? I love Ellen Page, but her alone isn't enough to get me to buy it.
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User Info: Herbette

3 years ago#2
Imho, i think is the oposite.

The fact is the choices in BTS are less identifiables than in HR, but that doesnt means they have less impact.
At least, i may depends on what sort of impact you're expecting. With the narrative structure of BTS, it is obvious that choices will not affect large sections of the plot. The impact is not to seek in the story but in the ambiant, in the own player experience. The personality of Haiden and mostly Jodie's, is made by the player's choices. That is the best improvement compared to HR, who proposed generic characters with very few personality.

About the story, i dont know wich reviews you read, but, for me, HR story was terrible, a bad second zone thriller, no more. The naration was not that good, but saved the game. Anyway i will not bash anyone who liked it, but i really think that BTS story was way more coherant and well buildt. The themes are deeper, less obvious, leting more space for player interpretation and reflexion (and for what i know, the interpretation you can have partially depends on the choices you made).
That not prevents the game from a lot of cliché, and some scenes are terrible, or just stupid, but as a block, it is more than descent if we consider the average story in videogames.

Also, if characters, and acting, were a real weakness in HR (i am not blaming the actors, but with s***ty characters, you cant have good play), they are one of the mean strongness of BTS.
Ellen Page is nice, and her character is convicing (even in "stupids" scene, she is still coherant), but the character played Willem Dafoe is awesome. This guy is awesome, and his contribution put a nice upgrade on the game, even as a second plan character.

I will not say that BTS is perfect, but for what i get, Quantic Dreams have succeed what they missed with Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain: to propose a good narative experience, something unique for each player. A great game.

But. If what you liked in HR (and maybe in Fahrenheit, or TellTales games), is to make obvious choices that will obviously change the plot direction (or at least let you think that will), and eventually replay your game to explore any junction, BTS could be disapointing.
The most often, you will even not realise you are playing a plot junction, and not be aware of the choice you made. If you cant deal with this specific choice of gamedesign, BTS is not made for you.
In other case, it worth the time you will spend on it.
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  3. The obligatory question: How does this compare to Heavy Rain? (Mostly in story)
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