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User Info: Player_10

3 years ago#1
Well, just finished it, and no, Heavy Rain is still better!!

1. Bad controlling = Camera gets stuck in corners making it unable to turn around! And Character does not respond correctly when you tell them to, (sometimes)!

2. Right Analog = Camera, and Activate/Select is tide together. Causing you to make a selection, when you just want to rotate the camera!

3. To much ape crap!

4. Choice Making = Claims to let you make your own choices, but majority of the time it's design for you to pick what they want you to pick!

EX 1: She has to power to give a command to kill any enemy, (meaning she's able to avoid any pointless fights), yet the game picks, and chooses who they want you to kill!

EX 2: Don't want to heal anyone? Want to go on, and do what you got to do? Bad luck, the game won't let you continue your mission until you do [what they want you to do]!!

EX 3: I didn't kiss anybody throughout the whole game, but it force that punk Ryan to kiss you near the End!

Might as well just been a movie to sit back, and watch!

User Info: 8The_Guv

3 years ago#2
So it's exactly like Heavy Rain then.
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