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User Info: Kindertotenwald

7 years ago#1
To avoid spoilers, we all know what happened with Heavy Rain.

Also as a side note, I hope the story is written better and not full of red herrings...I knew who done it in Heavy Rain before and I still couldn't piece it together mainly due to that clock shop scene which tbf was silly.

User Info: sheridanmoviegu

7 years ago#2
It's got a super natural element this time, which is good because Cage can use that as a crutch to cover up some of his weaknesses. Indigo Prophecy was a good story...well until the AIs got involved. Until then, though, it was good.
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User Info: J5_isAlive

7 years ago#3
I'm basically not coming here at all until it comes out. I started reading the gameplay sample that th press got exposed to and had to stop. I don't even want to know that much. Even though it's not technically spoiling anything, I'd rather find out what is in the game playing it the first time than reading about certain scenes.

The only info I'll look up on it is the release date and any special editions that hopefully will exist. After the game comes out, probably won't come here until I've played through it.
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User Info: The New Blueguy

The New Blueguy
7 years ago#4
The reason Heavy Rain so many plot holes is because Cage had a lot more Sci-Fi/Supernatural elements in the story that were edited based on fan feedback to Indigo Prophecy upon hearing details about HR in the pre-release period.
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