Have they fixed the "Abandoned City" Glitch?

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  3. Have they fixed the "Abandoned City" Glitch?

User Info: nw63

4 years ago#1
Abandoned City is one of the Briggs missions in which at the very last moment of the mission, when Briggs and Sam are sitting down guarding the capture target, the game glitches and you end up just sitting there indefinitely.

This has occurred both times I've attempted to complete Abandoned City on perfectionist mode, and was curious if they had patched/fixed this yet?

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User Info: Bat178

4 years ago#2
I managed to do it without it glitching earlier, but I didn't get the check for No Kills even though I didn't kill anyone except at that very last moment as they don't give you a non-lethal weapon.
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User Info: cid00

4 years ago#3
Definitly no, just got it and it's VERY annoying.
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User Info: c0sa n0stra

c0sa n0stra
4 years ago#4
No, got it just last night with my buddy, we had to restart the whole mission and the 2nd time it worked.

User Info: nw63

4 years ago#5
Bump... Have they fixed this? Or have they even addressed that the issue exists?
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User Info: AngryGFAQer

4 years ago#6
It happens for several of Briggs' missions.

I don't think they're aware of the problem. Your best bet is to post a topic on this on Ubisoft's SC:B forum.

I did it when the framerate hang glitch was occuring, and they patched it in 1.02.


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User Info: Lansfield

4 years ago#7
you don't have to restart the whole mission. you can just Reload at Checkpoint and it will be fixed...

I know this because I spent two hours using 2 controllers to finish that level and I glitched at the last part. I thought I'd have to redo everything but it went okay after I reloaded at the checkpoint.

Imagine I had to kill every enemy by myself and stop some of the drones more than twice. @_@

User Info: frozentuna

4 years ago#8
Not true that the problem will be fixed if doing a manual reload from checkpoint. It might work for local co op, but not for online.

User Info: Dom36

4 years ago#9
Played this last night, got the glitch right at the end.
I'm in the uk and was the host playing with someone from the US :)
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User Info: jasonateam

4 years ago#10
not yet.
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  3. Have they fixed the "Abandoned City" Glitch?

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