Need help for final boss (spoilers)

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User Info: NewAgeOutlaw

3 years ago#1
I know what I have to do. Kenisis throw objects into the eyes, shoot tentacles it tries to suck me in.

Problem is, the second time the tentacles come up, I don't have a chance. I know its coming, I back up, get ready, and BOOM I go flying off the platform before Carver even begins his warning.

Attempted six times all with the same result. No opportunity to shoot the tentacles. Just getting jettisoned into the air and dying for what reason I can't figure out.

Help? What am I doing wrong?
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User Info: HaZe_StryKer

3 years ago#2
When your fighting him, when the tentacles come out you have to be standing on the booster ring (that's what I calL it). It's the ring in the middle that let's you grab a marker and throw it into it's eye. It's what keeps you on the platform when it's grabbed. Also standing there means you can not be hit by the stuff it throws down at you. I hope this helps.
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  3. Need help for final boss (spoilers)

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