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User Info: aaronisbla

3 years ago#1
So after having this game a long time ago but selling it to get something else, i noticed it was on ps plus for free download and i got it to play with a friend whose never played it before. The download says it gives us the Enervator and another smg for free, but on the ingame store it still costs 1.99. What gives? is this an error of some sort?
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User Info: Xsase

3 years ago#2
Nowhere in the download page does it mention giving additional bonus content, also when I downloaded it the only thing that downloaded was the online pass and the game, no additional content. Both items being pre order bonus items are not likely to ever be put up free, the SMG was the Gamestop preorder bonus, the Enervator the Amazon preorder bonus. I don't think you'd ever need either in the game, there are dozens of weapons better that you can build yourself as you progress and get blueprints and resources to build. Sounds like you just had some kind of glitch to me.

User Info: TeemingHail

3 years ago#3
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