Question about weapons and crafting.

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User Info: Zanimar

3 years ago#1
Hello, I just got this game a week or so ago and have finally gotten around to playing it and was wondering about the weapons and building them. I was wondering, with the various types of weapons in this game, if it's similar to the previous Dead Space games in which your personal preference and skill with a weapon type is more important than the actual weapon type (with the exception being stronger versions of that weapon type)? In the past 2 Dead Space games I would pretty much use only the Plasma Cutter for the entirety of both games since I gotten so use to dismembering limbs with it that using other weapon types ended up feeling awkward and clunky due to me just being so use to exclusively using the Plasma Cutter.

I mean, I may eventually branch out and try other weapons, but by in large I was wanting to use Plasma Cutter as my main weapon and look to create other "energy" type weapons such as maybe the Line Gun, since that always intrigued me but I never really used it (well I never really used anything other than Plasma Cutter and Pulse Rifle for a short bit before going back to Plasma Cutter lol).
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User Info: Charles7439

3 years ago#2
Most of the compact frame weapons are kind of bad. The difference in possible tips tells me they probably just didn't finish them. Anyway, the cutter is one of the only ones that works decently, but I just can't find a situation where it's better than one of my more general use options (in significant part due to the compact frame issue). It'll still work but I think they've toned it's damage down quite a bit. That might just be in comparison to what I got used to using before I got around to properly checking out all the combinations though.

For good news, the cutter does get three different types of tips so there's some options to try.

User Info: EdwardDarkstar

3 years ago#3
While there's still a reward for dismemberment in DS3, it's not too important of an aspect with most weapons.

Because of this, the plasma cutter isn't the go-to weapon anymore. Below is some helpful info that'll help you choose what other weapons you want to experiment with when the Plasma Cutter can't get the job done.

Most weapons that use the Military Engine have high reliability in this game.
Some weapons that have the Plasma Core are too ammo inefficient, but deal immense damage. The plasma cutters require precision to maximize effectiveness, which is there downfall in this game.
Most weapons using the Seismic Charge are too ammo inefficient for constant use, but are good at clearing crowds. The rest require planning to make effective use.
Weapons with the Rip Core aren't too powerful, but are somewhat reliable at close range.
Some of the Tesla Core weapons are decent, but aren't well rounded. The others are inefficient with ammo. The Arc Welder is crap at everything.
Some Pneumatic Torch weapons are good at close range. The others are crap.
Most Telemetry Spike weapons are situational. All of them are powerful in their own right.

Just know that the Plasma Cutter's mediocre versatility is far outmatched by other weapons specializations.

For the most success, I would recommend the
(Military Engine + Directed Suspension Field)
Incendiary Grenade
(Seismic Charge + Diffraction Torus)
Electric Charge + Damage Support


(Pneumatic Torch + Diffraction Torus)
Chain Lightning Gun
(Tesla Core + Diffraction Torus)
Acid Bath + Ammo Support

If that's not to your liking there's also:
Bullpup Rifle
(Military Engine + Rail Accelerator)
Hydraulic Hammer
(Hydraulic Engine + Conic Dispersal)
Flame Glaze + Ammo Support


Javelin Repeater
(Telemetry Spike + Repeater)
Suspended Ripper
(Rip Core + Directed Suspension Field)
Stasis Coating + Damage Support

Both sets of weapons are designed to compliment each other's weaknesses, while remaining versatile on their own.
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User Info: zenandi

3 years ago#4
How in the world are those spoilers?

And to TC...

I personally feel that the game has changed beyond previous recognition.

To sum it up -- way too many and way too fast. It may be just me, but my preferred M.O. is 1) the go-to oh-s*** gun, like maybe a shotgun, then 2)the just-die-already gun, i.e. something really explosive.

Ultimately pew-pew-pew with the cutter does not come across as a good idea.

User Info: TheLastAvatar05

3 years ago#5
Build an automatic shotgun with a chaingun attached and that's pretty much all you need.
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User Info: EdwardDarkstar

3 years ago#6
zenandi posted...
How in the world are those spoilers?

I listed every upper and lower tool in the game. TC hasn't been through the game completely, so TC might not know about them.
I consider that a spoiler.
A beast of the night... I am DARKSTAR!
You may shake in terror now.

User Info: DisgracefulSins

3 years ago#7
The weapons are not spoilers. Plot details are spoilers.

In some games there are some weapons that might be named after a certain character which could be considered spoilers depending on the situation. But for Dead Space, none of these would be considered as such.
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User Info: Fengromt

3 years ago#8
Why argue over this, he felt like he should mark them as spoilers. It is better to err on the side of caution. What you think of as spoilers will not exactly coincide with anyone else.
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