is the online active at all?

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User Info: ZBug_

3 years ago#1
If I buy this game, would I be able to find a co-op partner?

Also does this one have a vs. mode? The multiplayer in 2 wasn't very good so I'm curious if they tried again, and maybe did it better.

And on an unrelated note: did DS2 sell well? I was under the impression that people really like the first 2 games, especially 2 (I know I did), so I don't understand what made them think they had to change the game so much. It's not even the same genre
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User Info: TheLastAvatar05

3 years ago#2
Because you could only do the prearranged scripted jump out enemies so many times before it gets boring and completely predicable. I loved Dead Space but am having problems with 2 because apparently I can't die without risking an endless loop loading screen, which, is annoying. Not to mention that every single area is completely dark and I can't see ******** even with the brightness turned all the way up.

And no, this only has co-op missions with a drop in and out feature that's actually done better than Resident Evil 5's debacle of a mess of a co op.
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User Info: Just_a_loser

3 years ago#3
To be honest they are both flawed co-ops compared to Left 4 Dead, given that if your teammate needs to take a break/leave the room briefly they can't just let AI briefly take control of their character. Granted Dead Space 3 allows for pause, but not everyone has enough sense to send a message to let you know that's whey they're pausing and when you run ahead alone it can go badly for them or yourself.

As for the topic, while not the most active game on the 360, there's almost always people playing. Every few months I go for a playthrough and there's usually someone that'll join the game before too long.
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User Info: Kitsume765

3 years ago#4
yea its still active on ps3 - play it often even after beating it several times
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