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User Info: NobodyTrustMe

1 year ago#1
I have played the game. I have beat the game. 4 times. I have unlocked Elite Mode in the coliseum, and gotten every single Arms weapons. I have gotten every single title, and have reached Maximum Affinity with Milla, Jude, Leia, and Alvin. It's safe to say I have good experience.

I am looking for your opinions on the ROLES of the party members. Like who is the Support character, the DPS character, the Muscle of the group, the Healer, that kind of thing. Oh, and Magic. I am curious on your opinion on which characters have what, and which is better. Please?
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User Info: Flynn_coneria

1 year ago#2
The Healer: Elize
As for DPS I would pick Muzet because of Elemental Hymn (as long as the enemy does not resist fire or earth attacks).
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User Info: StoryMania

11 months ago#3
It's been a while since I've played and I got drawn back into it since I heard the rumor that Xillia 2 might be coming to PS4. Most of what I'm going to say is just my opinion and from memory, so correct me if I'm wrong!

I kept Muzet in my party almost all the time because she was my favorite character. Basically a magic DPS / back up healer. She has access to all elemental spells and the higher tier versions as well as gravity well for Dark. Rowan had the upgraded Water and Earth spells, but only had Fireball and Wind Lance. Muzet's healing is pretty decent, although unconventional compared to Leia and Elize. Her strength is higher than Rowans, and she combos well if she needed to gain some TP from hits. Though I'm sure Rowan's tuning and higher Arte attack beats her in DPS, while she has more variety.

I switched between Leia and Elize as my support, depending if I was feeling Leia's support artes and if I was confident in my own healing as Muzet. Or if I wanted more healing with Elize as well as the Dark spells. Leia's support artes are pretty good! And she got new artes to her arsenal, giving her a better moves compared to the first game. And her spell that gives you an elemental advantage over an enemy is amazing!

Milla is good for switching from physical to magical on the fly, adapting to enemies' defenses.

I also switched between Gaius and Alvin. Alvin is physically stronger If I remember correctly, while Gaius is tankier? Gaius has access to Light elemental attacks but doesn't have a variety of elemental. Alvin has elemental artes.

Jude and Ludger, I didn't mess with too much. I'm pretty sure Ludger is best in the hands of the player and not the AI, but like I said I played with Muzet too often.
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