Been wondering about Milla... *spoilers*

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User Info: cheatermaster

1 year ago#1
Was surprise that there was another Milla from another dimension called fracture dimension. It was a bit too bad she had to sacrifice herself for the Milla from the prime dimension to come back with a physical body. Well, here's what I wonder; why couldn't both the fracture Milla and the prime Milla exists at the same time? Cause I felt it would've been nice for both of them to exists at the same time without one of them disappearing forever. I don't know if there was a good reason why that's impossible (cause it's been too long since I last played it). But I felt it was a bit unfair that the fracture Milla had to disappear permanently just cause of the prime Milla.

User Info: Yuber8900

1 year ago#2
Prime Milla is stuck in the Abyss Between Dimensions.

Spirius has a ritual to summon her.

This ritual requires a human sacrifice.

If Prime Milla returns to the Prime Dimension, Fractured Milla would be pushed into the Abyss Between Dimensions.

Fractured Milla is sacrificed to summon Prime Milla back to the Prime Dimensions because she would die if Prime Milla came back anyway.
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  3. Been wondering about Milla... *spoilers*

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