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User Info: Xiaoyu420

4 years ago#1
Battle Mechanics 101 and FAQ

Foreward: Hi all, Xiaoyu here, I got asked to make this guide based on having decent knowledge of the battle system, and the apparent need for a sticky topic as many topics were being made asking the same questions over and over. Xarius really stepped in and made the entire FAQ section possible, effectively splitting half the work to get this out to you guys as soon as possible. Pretty awesome. Anyway here it is, and in case ANYONE was wondering, i do plan on making a seperate and far more in depth Boss Guide to put into the gamefaqs guide section

Table of Contents

Battle Mechanics 101

1. Characters
1a. Ludger
1b. Jude
1c. Milla (Post #2~)
1d. Alvin
1e. Elize
1f. Rowen
1g. Leia
1h. Gaius
1i. Muzet (Post #3~)
2. Normal attacks
3. Varied attacks
4. Artes
5. Physical Artes
6. Spirit Artes
7. Jump
8. Quick step
9. Free run
10. Staggering
11. Combo
12. Knockdown (Post #4~)
13. Knockback
14. Pickup
15. Lift
16. Air recovery
17. Get up attacks
18. Element type
19. Weakness
20. Resistance
21. Weakness combo (Post #5~)
22. Iron Stance
23. Weak spot
24. Ailments
24a. Burn (Post #6~)
24b. Skillseal
24c. paralysis
24d. Petrify
24e. Confusion
24f. Poison
24g. Bleeding
24h. Weakness
24i. Nausea
24j. Stun
25. Linking
26. Link artes and the link gauge
27. Overlimit and linked arte chains
28. Chromatus

FAQ section (Post #7)

How do you get all of the endings?
What is missable?
How do you unseal the cameo weapons?
How do you unlock the different ranks at the Coliseum? (Post #8~)
How does the EX Dungeon work?
Which shops open up post-game?
How do you obtain the Devil’s Arms/Alliance Arms?
Are Character Chapters missable?
How do you check your characters' affinity? (Post #9~)
What is the fastest way to raise affinity?
What are the rewards related to increasing characters’ affinity?
What are the rewards for paying off debt?
How do you access the casino?
Why doesn’t Milla have a Mystic Arte?
Why haven’t I gotten Milla’s latter affinity skits and her Linked Mystic Arte? (Post #10~)
Why can't I use Kitty Dispatch in certain areas?
Why am I only doing 1 damage?
Why can’t I complete certain jobs even though I meet the requirements, like Balan’s Plea?
What is the fastest way to make Gald?
What is the fastest way to level?
Useful Links

1. Characters

Ludger Will Kresnik

An extremely versatile melee specialist.
Twin Blades, Sledgehammer, Dual Guns.
Weapon Switch: Able to switch weapon styles in battle. Can combo while switching through weapon sets.
Mirror: Ludger copies the support ability of the character he is currently linked to.
Exceedingly high melee prowess and versatility. Has access to a wide variety of artes.

Dr. Jude Mathis

Boasts impressive agility and is excellent in close range combat.
Feet and Fist (Fist Guard)
Snap Pivot: Immediately moves to the enemies back after succesfully dodging an attack with a back step.
Restore: Performs an OTG on his linked partner when they are knocked down,restoring some HP in the process. Has a chance to automatically revive a linked partner when they are Knocked Out.
High agility, strikes quickly, non spell healing arte selection, good defenses.
Xiaoyu420's Xillia tutorial, exhibition, and challenges YouTube channel:
(edited 4 years ago)

User Info: Xiaoyu420

4 years ago#2
Milla Maxwell

A Spellsword with an aerial twist. Can attack enemies regardless of where she is on the battlefield.
Spirit Shift: Able to shift her spell artes into melee artes, allowing her to attack two different ways with one arte.
Bind: Ensnares the enemy in a ring of light, allowing her link partner to attack freely, works well against speed type enemies.
Flies through the air with ease, access to every element type, proficient attacking up close, mid range, long range, and in the air.

Alvin Vint Svent

An offensive powerhouse with great area of effect attacks. Uses a fairly equal blend of melee and projectile artes.
Sword and Gun (Sword)
Charge: Can combine his sword and gun by charging, giving him access to more powerful versions of his artes.
Breaker: Alvin will automatically break an enemies guard when they attempt to and stun them as well, rendering them entirely vulnerable.
Hits the hardest out of the entire cast, High HP and Defense, access to every element type, effective from close to long range.

Elize Lutus

Has access to a wide selection of healing artes and dark artes. Serves as the main healer of the group.
Wand/Teepo (Wand)
Teepo Switch: Teepo has two modes, ON and OFF. In ON mode, Elize is more proficient with her spell artes and attacks with projectiles
from her wand. In OFF mode, she has a melee game by attacking with teepo, and her melee artes have improved effects.
Teepo Drain: Elize drains energy from an enemy to give to her linked partner, restoring some hp and tp. Most effective when attacking
the enemy in the air, and against speed type enemies.
Healing artes that target multiple allies, specialist in the dark element, quite capable of a melee game with Teepo OFF.

Rowen J. Ilbert

A specialist in offensive spirit artes known as "The Conductor". He fits the role of a black mage with ease.
Rapier/Throwing Knives (Rapier)
Arte Tuning: When Rowen casts certain spells, you may manipulate/increase their effects by pressing the corresponding input shown.
Auto-Magic Guard: Automaticaly guards against any magic attack directed at his link partner.
Boasts the highest intelligence rating of the group. Has many spirit arte options in Light, Earth, Water, and Ice(Earth and Water)

Leia Rolando

An agile jack of all trades, Leia works well as a fighter, defender, healer, or support.
Elongating Staff: When Leia dodges an enemies attack with a back step, her staff will light up and extend in its attack range.
Item Steal: When you knock an enemy to the ground while linked with Leia, she will attempt to steal an item from them.
Fights well between close and mid range and highly capable in the air. Has a wide range of attack options in Strike, Earth, and Wind.
Gains many skills that improve the effectiveness of her item usage.


A powerful frontline fighter who works particularly well on defense.
Retribution: Guarding an attack from an enemy turns Gaius' front step into a powerful counter launch attack
Chivalry: When Gaius Guards for his linked partner, They will gain three properties. The first is that the next attack will break Iron
Stance, second is the next attack will hit the enemy as if striking their weakness, last, your next combo will have TP cost cut by 25%
Has excellent physical attack and defense, and many skills and abilities related to guarding.
Xiaoyu420's Xillia tutorial, exhibition, and challenges YouTube channel:

User Info: Xiaoyu420

4 years ago#3

An agile spellcaster, she can avoid enemy assaults with ease. Works great as a black mage but can work fill the role of healer decently.
Hair (Hairpins)
Emergency Warp: When staggered(hit) by the enemy, performing a quick step will teleport you away from the enemy and reduce your casting
times if you activate a spirit arte immediately after warping, or reduce your TP cost if you counter with a melee arte.
Support Warp: While linked with Muzet, performing a front step will teleport you directly toward the enemy, and performing a back step
will teleport you away fromt the enemy
Has a decent proficiency in the air. Works best between mid and long range. Spirit artes tend to have large area of effects.

2. Normal attacks

Attack with the weapon equipped by pressing the X button. The attack pattern will vary if you hold the L stick Up, Down, or Left/Right
Up attacks tend to strike high, pickup enemies, and launch/juggle them in the air. Down attacks tend to strike low and have knockdown
effects. Left/right (forward) attacks tend to advance on the enemy. Attacking without moving the L stick have attack patterns that
tend to execute very quickly. Every character can attack with their normals in the air as well.

3. Varied attacks

Hold L1 and press the X button for a varied attack that generally acts as a launcher. Hold L1 and Left/Right while pressing X for a
varied attack that tend to have good stun rates.

4. Artes

Artes can be divided into two categories: Physical Artes and Spirit Artes. Physical Artes tend to serve as melee based attacks.
Spirit Artes are spells that require a casting time to be exectued.

5. Physical Artes

Attacks that are stronger than normal attacks but require TP to use. They may be imbued with a specific element such as fire
or water, and can have spell like or projectile effects. Some may even be used solely for healing purposes.

6. Spell Artes

These tend to have very powerful effects and can range in uses, from black magic to healing and everything in between. These are best used
at a long range to allow for the casting time that is required to cast them.

7. Jump

Press the L stick up to jump into the air. Some characters can jump again while in the air with the right skills equipped.
If playing in Semi-Auto mode you must hold the guard button as well.

8. Quick step

Tilt the L stick quickly Left or right to perform a quick step. You can also hold the guard button and move the L stick left or right
to perform a quick step. Quick stepping away from the enemy is a good way to avoid attacks, while quick stepping toward the enemy
has great utility in keeping pressure on the enemy or to help get in on an enemy to start an assault.

9. Free Run

Hold L2 and maneuver the L stick to have your character moving freely in the 3rd dimension, rather than left and right in a 2d fashion
When attacked while free running you will suffer 120% more damage than normal.

10. Staggering

When you attack the enemy they will flinch, recoiling from the strike and leaving them vulnerable for a short time.
This effect is referred to as staggering

11. Combo

When you attack an enemy while they are staggered, this will be registered as a combo attack and the enemy will become staggered
again, allowing another chance for a combo attack. There are many ways to combo an enemy, most commonly through chaining together
a string of normal attacks and physical artes.
Xiaoyu420's Xillia tutorial, exhibition, and challenges YouTube channel:

User Info: Xiaoyu420

4 years ago#4
12. Knockdown

Knockdown is an effect where you force the enemy to the floor by knocking them down, staggering them for an extended amount of time.
Many down normal attacks and various artes carry this property. After the enemy is knocked down they will be vulnerable and unable to act.
They will remain this way as they rise to their feet so knockdown can be an effective way to give your character some breathing room.
Note that knockdowns will become progressively harder to pull off as you use them in a combo chain.

13. Knockback

Knockback is similar to knockdown, except that the enemy is first sent flying through the air parallel to the floor before landing
in the knockdown condition. In some human bosses, this will allow them an oppurtunity for an air recovery so its important to
distinguish between attacks that knock the enemy down flat or send them flying.

14. Pickup

Also referred to as OTG(off the ground). This is a very useful effect that picks up the enemy off the floor when they are in the
knockdown condition and can be found in physical artes and up variations of normal attacks. Pickup is important to remember to keep
the combo going after the enemy is knocked down.

15. Lift

This is an effect where the enemy rises into the air, it differs from knockback because an enemy is unable to perform an air tech
recover when simply being lifted. When an enemy is lifted they remain in a somewhat standing position, just in the air.

16. Air Recovery

When your own character is hit with an attack that knocks them back, Pressing the guard button allows them to perform an air recover
Where they will land on their feet instead of in the knockdown condition. You may also attack in the air as soon as you recover.

17. Get up attacks (Shout out to Miraclechao for the discovery in Xillia, this was proven to be true by the Xillia 2 Prima guide)

When your character is knocked to the floor, you can cancel the recovery frames and become invulnerable for a short time as they stand
up by performing a normal attack, or a physical or spirit arte.

18. Element type

There are a Total of 9 Elements with which to attack the enemy in Xillia 2. Almost every attack and arte is imbued with at least 1 element.
The 9 Elements are:


19. Weakness

Hitting an enemy with an attack that has an element they are weak to will be considered a Power Hit and cause more damage than
it normally would based on a certain percentage. A gauge will appear along with the Power Hit! text and the percent of damage muliplier.

20. Resistance

Enemies also resist certain elements. When they do, damage is reduced and you are unable to stagger the enemy. Foes will also counterattack
more often when being attacked by an element they resist.
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User Info: Xiaoyu420

4 years ago#5
21. Weakness Combo

After you attack an Enemy with an element they are weak to, a gauge that constancly reduces appears and you are able to start a Weakness Combo
Getting a boss into a Weakness Combo will prevent them from being able to break and counter.
After attacking the enemy and getting a Power Hit, introduce another element into the combo to refill the gauge and increase the damage multiplier
You can refill the gauge and increase the damage multiplier a total of 9 times for each element you introduce. When introducing the 9th and final
element into the combo, the gauge will reduce at a much slower rate, and the damage multiplier will increase by 5 times the normal amount.

An early game example of a full weakness combo:

22. Iron Stance

Bosses in Xillia 2 use a mechanic known as Iron Stance, which you must break through before you are able to stagger and combo them. Bosses will
have a set amount of Iron Stance and every attack and arte has a certain amount of Iron Stance break value that takes away from the bosses
Iron Stance total. Once the amount reaches 0, you will break through the bosses Iron Stance and will stagger them with your attacks, allowing a
short window of oppurunity to perform a weakness combo before their Iron Stance goes back up. An enemies Iron Stance wil refill over time if you
are not actively attacking them. When the enemy is not close to having Iron Stance broken, their shield icon will glow blue when you strike them,
as they get closer to being broken, the shield wil grow larger and turn red, indicicating you should ready your attempt at a weakness combo.
Some Artes have properties that make them highly efficient and reliable at breaking an enemies Iron Stance.

An example of how to break a bosses Iron Stance:

23. Weak spot

Some enemies, usually larger ones and elite bosses, may have a weak spot you can exploit. Hitting a Weak Spot will be an automatic critical hit, and any enemy
with Iron Stance will have it broken immediately. With the Right Skill equipped, you can locate an enemies weak spot by holding R1 mid battle and if they
have a weak spot it will be highlighted by a red circle.

An example of how to strike a weak spot:

24. Ailments

Every element is capable of inflcting a status ailment, below i will show which element inflicts which status, how they affect friends and foes, and natural ways
to cut the duration of the status in half. You may also have your physical attack and defense, as well as your magic attack and defense, lowered or boosted through ailments or arte effects. Movement speed may also be positively or negatively influenced.
Xiaoyu420's Xillia tutorial, exhibition, and challenges YouTube channel:
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User Info: Xiaoyu420

4 years ago#6
Burn - Fire - Damages you every half second for a 1.5% hp for 20 seconds - Free Run (percentage is different on enemies)

Skillseal - Water- Equipped skills will be inactive for 20 seconds - Guard

Paralysis - Wind - When attempting to act there is a 30% chance you will stagger instead for 10 seconds - Stand Still

Petrify - Earth - Cannot move or act for 3 seconds - Press any button rapidly

Confusion - Light - Lose control of character who confuses ally with foe and attacks his teammates for 10 seconds - Press any button rapidly

Poison - Dark - Works exactly the same as Burn - Stand Still

Bleeding - Slash - For 10 seconds, every time you attempt to attack you will lose 3% HP - Stand Still (percentage is different on enemies)

Weakness - Strike - For 10 seconds any attack will break your guard - Quick step

Nausea - Shot - Unable to chain attacks or artes for 10 seconds - Taunt

Stun - Inflicted a various amount of way through attacks and artes - Cannot move or attack for 3 seconds, effect wears off when hit

25. Linking

Player Characters are able to link in battle, providing them with many benefits in support of one another and giving them access to powerful Link Artes.
To link in battle you press the directional pad in the direction of the character you want to link to. While linked you may opt to have your partner
stay close by to you at all times and flank any enemy you are attacking. Linked partners will cover your back while you are being attacked from behind,
attack any enemies closing in on you if you are attempting to cast a spell, block for you if you are under heavy fire, and smack you out of the stun status.

26. Linked Artes and the Link Gauge

There is a gauge on the far right of the battle screen that slowly fill as you attack when you are linked. When the gauge fills up to a certain amount,
you may initiate a linked arte which you do by pressing R2 when the yellow symbol (or blue for common linked artes) appears after performing a physical or spell arte,
Link Artes are very powerful artes that two characters execute in tandem. There are unique Link Artes, which have a unique attack specific to two certain characters, and
common Link Artes, which all characters can execute with any linked partner.

27. Overlimit and Linked Arte chains

When the Link Gauge on the right of the battle screen is full, your next linked arte you initiate will begin Overlimit. In Overlimit you Can freely chain
Link Artes together to create devasting combos, you can even chain linked artes while switching partners. During Overlimit you cannot be staggered,
artes do not cost TP or AC to use, and with the right skills equipped you can perform powerful Mystic Artes. Your Linked partner will also gain all of the
benefits you do while in Overlimit. It is worth noting that Ludger is able to switch weapons while performing Linked Arte chains.

28. Chromatus

Ludger is able to transform himself using Chromatus mode. He is very powerful using Chromatus and has access to various artes that can hit many enemies at once.
Ludger cannot die in Chromatus mode, and when he gets hit he loses part of his remaining time to stay in Chromatus. All of Ludgers attacks are type less, so
enemies cannot resist his assaults.

An example of a Linked Arte chain and Chromatus:
Xiaoyu420's Xillia tutorial, exhibition, and challenges YouTube channel:

User Info: Xiaoyu420

4 years ago#7
Frequently Asked Questions

Written by: Xarius478

How do you get all of the endings?

Bad Ending: In Chapter 15, during the cutscene in Marksburg, keep selecting R1.

Normal Ending: In Chapter 16, after beating the final boss, keep selecting L1.

True Ending: In Chapter 16, after beating the final boss, keep selecting R1.

Debt Ending: Pay off the debt in its entirety. Note that the last 100 Gald cannot be paid off until post-game. Talk to Nova in Trigleph to pay off the last 100 Gald.

Cameo Ending: Beat the cameo battle in the Elite Party rank in the Coliseum. To access the cameo battle, you must complete both Femme Fatale quests at the job board, and beat the EX Dungeon’s final boss. Note that the Elite Party rank is only available post-game.

Note that it is possible to get all of the endings in a single playthrough, as getting any ending allows you to save and continue from right before you got that ending, while retaining any bonuses and grade obtained by getting that ending.

What is missable?

The Bad Ending is missable.

The Chromatus Control trophy is missable. After Chapter 13, use Chromatus fewer than 50 times, until you beat the game (note that the bad ending counts as completing the game).

There are four unique weapons which can be found in chests in Chapter 10’s dungeon. One of them, the Dual Edge, is required to unseal one of Milla’s cameo weapons. The four chests are labeled 24-27 on this map:

Milla’s first three Character Story chapters are missable.

The following quests obtained at the job board are missable: The Girl's Gift, Elle's Belongings, the "Traces of Kinship" series, The Father's Gift, Rideaux's Request, and Meeting with Julius.

Finally, the Hallowed Doll accessory is missable. To obtain it, complete Rowen’s second chapter before Chapter 12. Then, during Chapter 12, go to the time capsule in front of Sharil Manor in Chapter 12's fractured Sharilton, and choose to remove all items from the time capsule.

How do you unseal the cameo weapons?

First of all, the sealed weapons are obtained via quests at the job board, and by beating Advanced Tag at the Coliseum with a character.

The sealed weapons cannot be unsealed until post-game. First, beat Elite Tag at the Coliseum, which unlocks the Nala Lava Tubes’ weapon shop. The unsealed weapons will then be available for custom order after visiting the shop. Note that some materials required to unseal them are found in the EX Dungeon.

The EX Dungeon materials are found in the desert/spiral area after passing through a character’s second door. The spiral areas are better for farming the materials, due to the lack of a time limit and the fact that enemies respawn.

Here is a list of the paths which contain each rare EX Dungeon material. An asterisk indicates that the area is a spiral area.

Pheasant Tail: Ludger, Rowen*, Muzét
Fragrant Silver Scales: Jude*, Elize, Leia
Aquatic Jelly: Milla, Alvin*, Rowen*
Great Tree’s Fruit: Alvin*, Elize, Muzét
Unicorn Horn: Ludger, Leia, Gaius*
Libavius Ore: Jude*, Milla, Gaius*

The paths are as follows:

Top: Left is Milla, right is Jude

Left: Top is Leia, bottom is Alvin
Right: Top is Rowen, bottom is Elize
Bottom: Left is Gaius, right is Muzét
Middle: Ludger

Here is a list of all of the materials required to unseal the cameo weapons: (Thanks to LightOfJudgment)
Xiaoyu420's Xillia tutorial, exhibition, and challenges YouTube channel:

User Info: Xiaoyu420

4 years ago#8
How do you unlock the different ranks at the Coliseum?

Tag mode:

Novice: Automatically unlocked upon reaching Xian Du.

Advanced: Finish Chapter 12, and complete Novice Tag with 4-6 different characters (unconfirmed)

Elite: Finish the game, and complete Advanced Tag with 4-6 different characters (unconfirmed)

Party mode:

Novice: Complete Novice Tag, and beat the following Elite Monsters:
Scorpactus, Veywind Eye, Heavy Claw, Greater Demon, Radiant Horn, Moralzamm, Graddic Claw, Bluetaur (unconfirmed)

Advanced: Finish Chapter 12, unlock Novice Party, and beat the following Elite Monsters:

Ghastly Stump, Arrow Folzam, Veywind Stinger, Krudis Eye, Exoplasma, Hammerzamm, Wind Racer, Dark Teagle (unconfirmed)

Elite: Finish the game, unlock Advanced Party, and beat every Elite Monster except Siennabronc.

How does the EX Dungeon work?

It can only be accessed post-game. The dungeon consists of four floors: a hub area with 9 doors, one corresponding to each character, a desert/spiral area, another hub area with 9 doors, and another desert/spiral area.

Each of the 2 doors corresponding to a character leads to a boss encounter. To reach the dungeon’s final boss, all 18 of these bosses must be defeated.

The desert/spiral area corresponding to a character’s second door is where the materials needed to unseal the cameo weapons can be found.

In order to take a character inside the dungeon, they must have at least 8 hearts of affinity with Ludger, or must be equipped with the Bonds of Shadow accessory. Note that characters must be linked to do damage in the dungeon.

Character transformations can be bought here by using Ancient Bells. Ancient Bells are obtained by killing bosses, Shadow Bacuras, and by finding the illumination items.

Here are the Ancient Bell rewards corresponding to the illumination items:

One item obtained: 2 Ancient Bells
All three items obtained, in the wrong order: 4 Ancient Bells
All three items obtained, in the order of lantern, candle, torch: 6 Ancient Bells

Note that this reward can be obtained for every floor of the EX Dungeon, excluding the boss floors.

For in-depth information regarding the dungeon, refer to Partikkel’s Illusionary Darkness guide:

Which shops open up post-game?

The final general shop opens up on Fennmont’s second floor. In addition to that, specialized shops open up around the world:

Weapon Shop: Nala Lava Tubes (Elite Tag at the Coliseum must be completed.)
Armor Shop: Felgana Mine (Elite Tag at the Coliseum must be completed.)

Accessory Shop: Nia Khera – Residence

Item Shop: Orda Palace
Food Shop: Leronde

Herb Shop: Sapstrath Deepwood

How do you obtain the Devil’s Arms/Alliance Arms?

Beat Elite Tag at the Coliseum with a character to unlock their Devil’s Arm. Ludger’s twin swords can be unlocked this way. Ludger’s sledgehammer is obtained by paying off debt, and his twin guns are bought in the EX Dungeon using Ancient Bells.

Note that Ludger’s weapons grow stronger by spending time linked and using Linked Artes.

Are Character Chapters missable?

With the exception of Milla’s first three chapters, no.
Xiaoyu420's Xillia tutorial, exhibition, and challenges YouTube channel:

User Info: Xiaoyu420

4 years ago#9
How do you check your characters' affinity?

Open Ludger’s status screen (open the menu, press right, press X on Ludger’s portrait), and then press Square.

What is the fastest way to raise affinity?

Use Friendship Potions. These are acquired by paying off debt, or by buying them with chips at the casino.

What are the rewards related to increasing characters’ affinity?

All of the rewards are as follows:

1 Heart: Skill Tome for Ludger
3 Hearts: Skill Tome for Ludger (Attribute 3 Skill)
5 Hearts: Arte Tome for Ludger
9 Hearts: Linked Mystic Arte with Ludger
10 Hearts and character story completed: Skill Tome for Ludger

Note that all rewards are received automatically, except the ones for 10 Hearts. To get those, complete all of that character’s chapters and talk to them in a specific city, which will be highlighted with “!” on the world map.

Here are each character’s rewards for 1, 3, 5, and 10 Hearts:

Jude: Assault Step, Agility 3, Demon Fang, Grounded Stance

Milla: Quick Drop, Psyche 3, Whirling Assault, Aerial Armor

Alvin: Critical, Strength 3, Squall Shot, Attack Conversion

Elize: Reflective Guard, Spirit 3, Pow Hammer, Survive

Rowen: Point Conversion, Intelligence 3, Meteoric Waltz, Anti-Magic

Leia: Lottery, Stamina 3, Swallow Flight, Sky Soldier

Gaius: Guard Plus, Vitality 3, Tiger Blade, Crisis Boost

Muzét: HP Absorbed, Dexterity 3, Stun Blitz, Fortune

Milla, Alvin, Rowen, and Muzét give Ludger Color Variation outfits for 10 Hearts.

Jude, Elize, Leia, and Gaius give the option to rename their Linked Mystic Arte at 10 Hearts, which can be changed as many times as one desires.

What are the rewards for paying off debt?

First, note that Gald paid to advance the story does not count toward rewards. Otherwise, there are rewards scattered throughout paying all of the debt. Rewards include:

Everyone’s “No Jacket” costume

Minimum Damage skill for everyone

Impregnable Guard skill for everyone

Recall skill for everyone

Ludger’s Sledgehammer Alliance Arm

Friendship Potions

Cat Food

And the following skills:

Ludger: Melee Gamble, Spell Gamble, All Guard and Perfect Guard
Jude: Restore Plus, Vitality 3
Milla: Elemental Armor, Intelligence 3
Alvin: Gentleman's Creed, Stamina 3

Leia: Multi-Item, Agility 3

Rowen: Opportune Moment, Dexterity 3
Elize: Aerial Spell, Psyche 3
Gaius: Damage Reflect, Strength 3
Muzét: Spell Boost, Spirit 3

How do you access the casino?

Complete the Poker Face quest at the job board after Chapter 9.

Why doesn’t Milla have a Mystic Arte?

Milla cannot use her Mystic Arte until Chapter 11.
Xiaoyu420's Xillia tutorial, exhibition, and challenges YouTube channel:

User Info: Xiaoyu420

4 years ago#10
Why haven’t I gotten Milla’s latter affinity skits and her Linked Mystic Arte?

They can only be obtained after starting Chapter 12.

Why can't I use Kitty Dispatch in certain areas?

You must find at least one cat in an area before you can use Kitty Dispatch in that area. This link has maps which show all of the cat locations:

You can also refer to the Cat Dispatch Guide on GameFAQs:

Why am I only doing 1 damage?

Make sure you do not have the Minimum Damage skill equipped. Otherwise, if you are in the EX Dungeon, you must link to do damage.

Why can’t I complete certain jobs even though I meet the requirements, like Balan’s Plea?

Make sure you have the required party members with you.

What is the fastest way to make Gald?

During the main story, beat Elite Monsters or complete quests at the job board.

In post-game, the best method is to repeatedly beat the EX Dungeon’s final boss with all of the Gald boosting methods: food, Sephiras, Lottery skills, and anything else that you might have.

The EX Elite Monsters also give a lot of Gald.

Finally, Iolite Ore can be bought at the casino, and can be sold for 20000 Gald each. Winning chips is a lot easier using Gold Dice, which can be obtained by completing floors in the EX Dungeon.

What is the fastest way to level?

During the main story, enemies in fractured dimensions scale to your level, and are a good source of experience.

In post-game, be sure to use EXP food purchased from Leronde. EX Elite Monsters give a lot of experience, as well as the EX Dungeon’s bosses. Once you’re able to do it, the cameo battle via Elite Party mode at the Coliseum also gives a lot of experience.

Useful Links

Note that these links are the same ones included earlier in the FAQ.

Partikkel’s Illusionary Darkness guide:

Cat locations:

LightOfJudgment’s cameo weapon materials list:


Thanks to LightOfJudgment for FAQ help and information regarding missables, debt rewards, affinity rewards, post-game shops, unlocking Coliseum modes, EX Dungeon material locations, and the list of cameo weapon materials.

Thanks to Suikomu for FAQ help and information regarding missables, debt rewards, and affinity rewards.

Thanks to Partikkel for the Illusionary Darkness guide.

Thanks to magnum7979 for information regarding unlocking Coliseum modes.

Thanks to ZeroX25 for information regarding the missable Hallowed Doll.
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