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User Info: KGhaleon

8 years ago#1
Awesome game, I played through it again as I was still really confused about the story. During my second time playing, I kept notes. I'll post them here for anyone that feels like going through and trying to understand the story.

I don't fully understand the events that occurred in this game, but it seems to me that Rachel died of cancer and you've been living alone since then. You were laid off from your job as a machinist at the auto factory and seem to be sleepwalking. Did you kill a bunch of people while sleepingwalking? It's unclear to me, but it seems that you weren't fully responsible as there's evidence of foul play underneath the first house you start in.

Warning: Below is just a cluster of mental notes I took while playing. Hell, maybe I should rewrite it into a walkthrough (not that one is needed). ;D

=???'s house=

You awaken in a house and find a body, but you don't recognize his face. His body was warm, so he died recently.
You have blood on your shoes and pants. The man died in the hallway, but there was blood in the room across from him. Perhaps it is someone else's blood, the man's wife?
When you examine his computer, you find a picture of a store. Is it Norman's store?

You have an injured leg and are dirty, with mud on your shoes. You mention that you have a history of sleepwalking.
You remember Rachel being scared the last time you saw her.

You find a mouse in a trap, and you can free it or leave it. Does the mouse symbolize something? You?

You find tools in the house, a shovel and rack. Was it used to bury someone?
You also find a portrait of a couple, with a hidden switch behind it.

You find notes in the house about the local area, and the water tower.

You find evidence on a table of two people living here, and lots of beer bottles. The table is dusty and hasn't been cleaned in a long time.

You find a small picture of the dead man and his wife lying on the ground, in a corner. The couple in the picture appear distant, like they don't want to be together. Unhappy, maybe a relationship problem or affair?

The front entrance is blocked and the kitchen is barricaded, with a smell drifting from it. You can't open it? <couldn't find a way>

The switch behind the painting unlocks the door downstairs, which leads into a room with a hidden ladder going down, you wonder what happened to the dead man's wife. Going into the cave is a point of no return.

User Info: KGhaleon

8 years ago#2
=Cave and Sewers=

You find many footprints, it appears that people passed through here frequently. There is a map with several locations marked: houses, the factory, watertower, etc. It appears the dead man in the house was interested in these locations. You find newspaper clippings concerning murders that have been occurring over the last few years. You find a picture of your house in an article as well.

You find a handgun. It smells and seems to have been used before. For murder?

You find faded notes on a desk:

(names of the 8 victims?)

You find a room with a skeleton half-dug into the ground. The remains are old. The clothes are familiar and look like what the dead man's wife was wearing in the photo you found. Did the dead man bury her down here? Then what's in the barricaded room in the house? There appear to be a pair of nooses in the room?

You find a bloody rack and hooks hanging from the ceiling, along with bottles full of a nauseating smell, poison? You also find a cage, with some liquid on the bottom of it.

You find a box full of old clothes that you threw away upon moving to this town. You also find pictures of your house. You realize your wallet is missing. Did you come here of your own will or did someone bring you here?

You come upon a broken ladder, with a rope in the next room. That room also has a skeleton in it. Whose skeleton?
<Climbing down the rope is a point of no return>

You find a warning noticed about cave-ins, was the skeleton before a result of one?

<point of no return through door>
You find an open vent high up near the ceiling, you wonder if someone hurt their leg jumping down? You remember your own leg injury. You find wet dirt on the ground along with grass...just like what's on your shoes.

You find a videotape in a pile of trashbags.

You find a bloody kitchen knife.

Once you solve the water puzzle you can leave through the exit door. There's another locked door near the first valve room with a musty smell coming from inside. You find another dead body, with a security camera nearby. The sewer workers body had been stabbed to death, perhaps by the knife you found? You take keys from the body. The key unlocks the security room and the videotape you found in the garbage appears to show the murder of the man. It indicates that two men may have been responsible for the murder? Who threw the tape out?

Backtracked to the musty door that was locked, I could open it now. There are newspapers and liquor bottles everywhere in this room. The newspapers discuss the recent murders and the bodies found in ravines, the forest and even in the back of a truck. Was the sewer worker killed for finding this room?
A trampled receipt is found in one corner of the room, it's for the local train line and for two tickets. Who has the two tickets?

In the next room you find another open vent, which means someone passed through it to bypass the flooded room. They dropped out of the vent on the other end. You find a ladder going up...
<point of no return>

User Info: KGhaleon

8 years ago#3
=Pine forest=

You find a watertower, and kick the ladder down. At the top you find your dirty wallet, it has no gun permit or ID cards inside. Who put the wallet up here? The watertower appears to be damaged, with claw marks on the side of it.

You find a locked door with a padlock, leading to the old train yard.
You enter a forest area, you remember seeing notes about this place in the dead man's house. There are paths and campsites, a washroom and a river.

You find your credit card on the ground in the mud.

You find an abandoned campsite, the fireplace still has a few burning embers which meant it had been used recently. You find two chairs and knocked over beer bottles, suggesting there was a disturbance.

You find a plank in the washroom.

You find a notebook hidden under a rock, it contained names:

Heather (crossed out, but appears faded)
Olivia (crossed out)
Cheryl (crossed out, but appears faded)
Daphne (crossed out)
Rose (crossed out, but appears faded)
Rachel (has a blue mark beside it)

You find an old camping table with stuff carved into it:
k U mA r
un cle Phll
H e N rY
DAN i e L
davi D

Clue or pointless markings?

You carve "R+H" into the table. R for Rachel, but is H the protagonist?

You use the wooden plank to cross the river. You find two female bodies on the other side, the campers? They are half-buried. You can bury them properly but there are no IDs. If you head back to the camp and inspect the chairs, you find the names Olivia and Daphne.
You find the exit to the forest, which is the point of no return.

User Info: KGhaleon

8 years ago#4
=Auto parts factory=

You remember working as a machinist here for several years, however you lost your job when the plant was closed 3 years ago.

Behind a cut fence, you find the body of a security guard. He died of blunt trauma to the head. Was he killed by the flashlight you're holding? Near his body you find your watch on the ground.

Inside the factory you find many old lockers, they have been opened and someone seems to have gone through them.

You find a note on the billboard about Norman, one of the senior men that worked here. Norman took over a general store after the factory closed, he was close to you and Rachel. Rachel liked his positive attitude. You remember being quite the opposite after the factory closed. You were very upset. Rachel was more at ease when the three of them were together. It seems the protagonist was an alcoholic?
You find beer bottles on a table in one room that had been drank recently, but you or someone else?

Norman's locker has a dent in it, like someone punched it.
You find a claw hammer which appaears to have been recently used. You use it to remove the boards from a barricaded door nearby...in the room you find your old locker, you smell booze and find a ripped picture of Rachel. In the corner you find many bottles of alchohol.

You find a card, it unlocks a door that requires card authentication. Inside is a hole that you can jump down...
Below you find a letter that had been scratched over with a ballpoint pen. It says:

--need to--
just don't

Was this written by Norman to you, the protagonist?
<stepping outside is a point of no return>

=Outside and Norman's store=

In a garbage bin you find your driver's license.

You enter the back of Norman's store, the front entrance was locked and had blood on the keyhole. Upstairs you find Norman's body near the television. He had been shot to death. Was he killed with the handgun you found?

On a table you find evidence that two cups had been placed there recently. There is a hairpin in the kitchen trashcan and more evidence that someone else had been eating with him. In the room across from Norman, you find Rachel's coat, it was stained with a dark color.
You find a gun rack. It appears the handgun you found goes here, was it Norman's?

You unlock the front entrance with the hairpin, allowing you into the general store. You rarely came here, but Rachel often did.
You find an unplugged icebox in the store full of melted food, is it relevent?
There were tourist postcards with a picture of the watertower, was it important?
<you exit the store, point of no return>

User Info: KGhaleon

8 years ago#5
=Heading home=
<most doors are points of no return, so you can't go back once you pass through>

You find a letter sticking out of a mailbox, it's addressed to Norman and seems to be threatening him. "Stay away, she's mine."
No signature or return address on the letter.

You find your house, there is blood on the outside wall. There is more blood near the door leading inside. The power inside the house is off.
The basement door is locked and needs a key.
You find a pile of mail near the front door, they are bills and seem to have been there for awhile. You have a credit card bill showing that it had been cancelled due to nonpayment.
You find a picture of you and rachel, it appears to have been thrown to the ground.
Inspecting the new TV reveals that you bought it right before being laid off, which angered Rachel at the time.
You find shattered glass in an upstairs hallway.
You find your laptop had been left on, the battery was low. There was an article about the watertower on the screen.
You notice that some of the books in your house are similar to what the dead man had in the first house. You notice one particular book being odd, a different edition than the one you owned.
You find Rachel's suitcase on the bed, with a few days worth of clothes and a train ticket. Where was she going, and with who? Who had the second ticket?
You enter the basement and find christmas decorations, but you don't remember christmas. You find another key, it unlocks a door upstairs. You find a crowbar in this room, it appears to have been used to wreck the furniture in that room.
In the basement you knock down a wall using the crowbar. "Don't look" is scrawled on the walls.

Note: Next you must check some dirty rags covered in blood, the game asks if you believe Rachel is underneath...
What you find seems to change depending on your answer.

If you select "No, Rachel isn't there" it seems to suggest that Rachel never lived here or was part of your imagination this entire time.

Regardless, you wake up back upstairs. You realize that all Rachel's books on the shelf are yours, and find all the contents of your wallet intact.

The game asks you to decide, did you go to Norman's store, the forest, watertower, etc or was that someone else? Were you sleeping the whole time?

You find a picture frame of the dead man and his wife, from the first house, and the game asks you if he murdered his wife.

You find the keycard from the factory, the game asks you if you think Norman was going back to the factory?

The new TV you had before is gone, and now you just appear to have an old television.

You find your safe, which can be opened with an 8 digit passcode.

In the notebook you figure that two of the names must be recent victims:


There are 8 names so I assumed it was related to the safe code, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

The safe code is 4R3UHER3, it's found in the game manual (kinda lame). The safe contains a goodbye letter from Rachel and some MRI scans that may indicate that she died of cancer, there are photos of a grave.

When you check the mail near the door again, it's all addressed to you. It appears you hadn't collected the mail in a week.

In the basement you find the knife from the sewer. If you go to the upstairs bathroom, you have the option to kill yourself?

If you check the front door, you also have the option to leave. <ending the game>


User Info: snoozbustrOmega

8 years ago#6
There's a few discrepencies with my playthrough. I didn't pick up either of the weapons, and I forgot to go through the powered door in the auto plant (looks like you did, too). There was something else I didn't pick up, either, near the beginning. Don't remember what it was. I didn't open the safe, either, and I didn't carve anything into the table because I had no knife.
For the questions at the end, I answered that I did find Rachel, I did go out to the watertower and such, and it was Norman's keycard. I don't remember the picture of the dead man and wife; I believe it's the other thing I didn't take.

Here's what was different:
- The gun permit wasn't mentioned when I picked up the wallet.
- Nothing was mentioned about the gun being Norman's, or the knife being used (because I didn't pick them up)
- The letter in the mailbox was from Rachel to Norman, and implied she was having an affair, but regretted it and was going to tell H, then leave for a while to get her head cleared.
- Rachel was in the rags, and had green spots (or were they lumps?), and her windpipe was crushed.
- The television had not changed after waking up.
- I could not kill myself with the knife in the bathtub or the gun at the table, because I had not picked up either. I could only leave, and feel that I should be running.
- The notebook included Rachel's name every time I saw it.
- The mail is noted to be old; H wonders how long she's been dead.
- I could not re-enter the room in the basement.

Couple questions about your playthrough. Did you see the shadow? After going into the auto plant, the main character mentions something about the wind. If you go back out, you can see a shadowy figure running away. Where can you find the manual if you bought the game through Steam, do you know?

Also, I'm tempted to do a minimalist run. Just get out, pick up nothing, see nothing.

User Info: snoozbustrOmega

8 years ago#7
Also, to clarify something, the safe code isn't printed in plaintext. In the manual, there's a bit under "Installing" that appears broken and corrupted; it's mostly gibberish mimicing programming code. However, at the bottom is "NOBODY IS SAF" with the "e" cut off. In this gibberish is the code, broken up into four parts: {4R}, {3U}, {HE}, {R3}. The same four parts can be found in file names here: homehorror.com/wtf/

User Info: theEvo

8 years ago#8
Finished my fourth playthrough in just one day. At the ending


I chose "yes" when asked if Rachel was under the rags. The main character pulled them aside... And she wasn't there! I just got prompted "nothing to see here" or something like that. I thought that, if there is such thing as a right path in this game, I was near discovering it. But still I need to make sense of all the other stuff, and the ending when I left the home was still vague and similar to the previous playthroughs.

User Info: jakerscythe

8 years ago#9
The experience and conclusions change completely depending on what you pick up or not, where you go or don't.

In my first run the conclusion was clearly that Rachel had been cheating on me with Norman, then chosen to leave town, to get time to think. I had found out about the affair and killed Norman, but apparently not Rachel.

However, that left so many weird discrepancies, such as absolutely no explanation for the house I woke up in. At the finale the game also told me that Rachel was dead in the basement, even though she wasn't there.

Clearly it's extremely hard to plan for all contingencies, but something definitely went wrong in the putting-all-clues-together department of that game. Unless you can't trust what the protagonist sees or doesn't see, but that would pretty much invalidate the entire experience, so I don't see that as an option.
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