How do you do side quests?

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User Info: jonybeans13

5 years ago#1
I just started playing and this guy in a cave wants me to get a something from a black rider but the quest sends me to the first story mission. Am I suppose to replay it to do the side quest? An do I do story or free play? For a kid game it's kinda confusing.
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User Info: slate_junco

5 years ago#2
The first time you play a level, you play the story mode version. When you come back, you can do free play, which lets you choose any character you own to play as so you can find the secrets hidden in the levels.

Each level has a hidden blueprint for a mithril item, 3 treasure items you can find, and 10 minikit treasure chests to collect, which are often only obtainable through free play because they are protected by obstacles that require specific people (blocks Gimli can smash, glowing orange handles, etc).

People with sidequests will ask for either a mithril item or a treasure item. If it's a treasure item, they'll tell you which level to find it in. With the mithril items, youll just have to find the blueprint and then make the mithril item. Giving them these items does not remove them from your inventory--both parties keep a copy.
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  3. How do you do side quests?

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