Black Rider on the Road stuck

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User Info: nookynoo

5 years ago#1

I am stuck right at the start almost... can anyone help please?

Im up to the part where on the walkthroughs it says...

Now you're a small stream, and there's a crawlspace near you. Press
Circle to enter it and go up to the branches, then walk out onto them to
disturb the bird. Head back down and continue.

Problem is.. I see the stream and the crawl space but i just crawl though it and come out of another crawl space. No branches to go up and no bird to disturb??? I just see the stream and a bit where i build a bridge but the rider wont let me cross it... what am i doing wrong?



User Info: HelIWithoutSin

5 years ago#2
You need to walk to the right across the branches once you come out of the crawl space.
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