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  3. is it confirmed that WBID does NOT work on Xbox?
dspmusik 9 years ago#1
after many, many attempts, it finally worked on iOS for the log in and rewards, but it always just says "unavailable" on xbox.
yes, i've read the many topics on this; but i just want to confirm, as of 5/5/13 WBID is NOT available to log in on xbox, correct?
so we are waiting for a patch?
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nro87 9 years ago#2
No, it works. The logins just mess up a lot with this game, both on the console and iOS.
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The_Mercurys 9 years ago#3
I've been having mass issues with it and when I sent a service request to WB Games I got an email answering nothing about if there was a service issue. But the jerk of a tech did reply with and I quote "Give me your WBID" so Monday I am going to blow up on some manager at WB Games.

But yeah 3 days in a row and too many attempts to count and I still get the "The WBID service is not available. Please try again later."
ryankerbow 9 years ago#4
I'm getting this too, and it's really starting to piss me off. Any way to fix it yet?
KintaroOe_age25 9 years ago#5
I seriously don't understand why game companies insist on a second level of login to play their games (WBID, UPlay etc) and yet don't have the decency to keep these services running in stable condition. Honestly gamers shouldn't put up with **** like this.
Warrior_King252 9 years ago#6
The iOS WBID works fine, it's the XBox version that is problematic. I have unlocked so much stuff and I can't even access it. SO frustrated!
gOwCoD4 9 years ago#7
It works fine on iOS for me. Linking up on the 360 is impossible for me and a few friends of mine who have the game.
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Shingotink 9 years ago#8
Yeah, this sucks.

I unlocked the Batman Beyond card for IOS yesterday but I have not been able to login to the WBID on Xbox yet so I could then login to the IOS and get my Batman Beyond skin unlocked on Xbox.

So frustrating.
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Monitor 9 years ago#9
I must have been one of the lucky ones. I was able to link up on launch day when I got home from the midnight opening.

All I can say is it DID work. I'm sorry to hear it is not now.
DTxx 9 years ago#10
Same here 3 days saying it unavailable also on Gotham city imposters too. Unlocks not unlocking also I can't get sign in 5 days one to tick off even though I have many times.
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  3. is it confirmed that WBID does NOT work on Xbox?
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