Frozen at Title Screen?

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User Info: HeyitsBUZU

3 years ago#1
Game is brand new.... And it's freezes at the title screen where it just says "Injustice: Gods Among us"... I'm on ps3, all I see is the xbox fixes... Really frustrating, didn't work before or after the update...

Whats happening?!

EDIT: ARRRGGGG, I tried deleting the Game data utility patch, then I went back into the game hoping to reinstall, but now my ps3 just reboots itself, like when you experience a game freeze and restart your console... I haven't even seen anything of this game beyond the f***king title!
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User Info: Teh_Maimed

3 years ago#2
That happened to me while my wifi was down... but then soon it got back up and the title screen didn't freeze anymore

User Info: Nightmare966

3 years ago#3
It's an issue the game seems to have while connecting to the Net to check for new data. The freeze may continue well after starting the game, but it goes away eventually.

Try to play without an Internet connection to see if it solves the issue.
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