Does the game allow alignment with YHVH?

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User Info: MaxStar360

5 months ago#11
beardedbeard posted...
Hm, I looked at devil survivor, but it seems like more of a VN closer to the Persona subseries than a dungeon crawler. I know IV isn't as "crawley" as the original SMT or Strange Journey (the two I'm most interested in), but it seems closer to that style. I'll keep it in mind though since the strategy and time aspect actually looks really neat.

To be honest, the character YHVH doesn't offend me much from the little I've read. The overview I saw was similar to what you described and it actually made me interested because I have a sneaking suspicion that the character YHVH is closer to the nature of YHWH than may nominal Western Christians believe. I could probably go on a rant about it, but suffice it to say Western professing Christians often consider the God of the Bible as some cosmic butler/genie combo that just wants us to be nice to each other and happy in this life. Sadly atheists that are against God can be closer to the truth of God's nature (though there's no philosophical moral ground to stand on when they say His nature makes Him evil or whatever).

The way you described YHVH being pleased no matter what you do in SMT IV sounds closer to the sovereign aspect of God. Not that He's pleased with evil, but he uses the rebellious to achieve His own ends. Also there is scripture like James 4:4 that says friendship of the (fallen) world is hatred of God. So even the Bible draws these hard and distinct lines about allegiance. I won't go much further into theology since this is a game board, and I'll probably get banned lol. But to me the most offensive part is the suggestion in some games that there is a power above him, and that you can "kill" him.

And yes, I'm a believer in God too but like you, I am unsure as to whether any religion is actually correct.

I don't at all believe He is evil but hmm.... It is certainly interesting for those who realize doubt is fine with Him as it allows us to refine faith.
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User Info: MakotoYuri

5 months ago#12
beardedbeard posted...
Oh, I misread your first post. I see now. You end up pleasing him in IV, not IVA, no matter what path you take. Yes, I'm quite the "religious type" but really my interest in seeing how he is portrayed in some games, and I figured the games that had alignment would give me the most material to analyze. I only bother having a 3DS anymore so I was just looking at the titles for that.

YHVH in SMT is like the God of the old testament, so stuff like Genocide is on his plate alongside other evil stuff.
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User Info: TheSwordsman100

4 months ago#13
MakotoYuri posted...
YHVH in SMT is like the God of the old testament, so stuff like Genocide is on his plate alongside other evil stuff.

Yeah YHVH is similar to how God was in the Old Testament but has none of the positive qualities God had to the point where the Demiurge and YHVH might as well just be the same character even outside the of pieces of God thing in SJ. For instance God even in the Old Testament would truly forgive you, (most famous example being Nineveh from the verses on Jonah and the whale) YHVH on the other hand will lie about forgiving you in the final battle of Apocalypse and then use that opening to kill you. The only plus YHVH has is being the avatar of the true God representative character, The Great Will/Axiom. (note that it is the GW worshiped in churches not YHVH in Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon, Metatron served the GW directly in Nocturne and Law has no problem with killing YHVH either.)

As for the topic, TC while Apocalypse is connected to IV it is not the same universe as IV (even has different writers) so unlike in Apocalypse where it doesn't matter what alignment you picked, here Law is the preferred path by YHVH. (and The Great Will) Another game I would suggest since you are looking for a Dungeon Crawler is either the original Strange Journey or wait for it's remake as it has the most positive version of YHVH outside of Devil Survivor 1.
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