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User Info: voidcast

4 years ago#1
SMT 4 Neutral guide (Spoiler)

Since it's very confusing to get locked on neutral path, I prepared a detailed guide to get a neutral route.

In my walkthrough, I focused on choosing 1st option before siding with Jonathan. After that, you must be careful because rest of the guide you should carefully make a choice to get a neutral path.

Don't do unnecessary challenge tasks, because there are some challenge tasks that may affect your alignment.

(Thanks to Belberith for his ides of getting +0 after siding with Jonathan http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/672441-shin-megami-tensei-iv/66811622 )

<The Gauntlet Rite>

"Present to me your left arm."
[X] Extend your arm. (Alignment +1)
[ ] Don't extend your arm. (Alignment -1)

"By the by... have we met somewhere before?"
[X] Possibly... (Alignment -1)
[ ] I don't believe so. (Alignment +1)

"My name is Isabeau. What's yours?"
[X] Introduce yourself (Alignment +1)
[ ] Remain silent (Alignment -1)

<To the Roof>

"What about you, [Hero]?"
[X] It comes naturally to me. (Alignment -5)
[ ] It's a worthy duty (Alignment +5)
[ ] I don't know

<Literature and Old Friends - Meet with Ichichar>

"Is this a friend of yours, [Hero]?
[X] Yes, it is. (Alignment +1)
[ ] I don't know this man. (Alignment -5)

<Finding a Friend>

"Won't you put an end to me... with a Samurai's hands... your hands...?"
[?] Finish him off (Alignment -5)
[ ] Spare him (Alignment +5)

* If you just finish him off too quickly (usually happens on 2nd playthrough), you may not have a chance to finish him off.
* In this case, you'll not get an Alignment adjustment (-5). Don't worry, it's fine. Just keep the walkthrough, then you will get a neutral path.
* If you are asked, choose "Finish him off".

<To the Black Samurai - in K's Tavern>

"Hoy, [Hero]. Do you think that we should go through with the Monastery's quest?"
[X] We should. (Alignment +5)
[ ] It is unseemly (Alignment -1)

<Defeating Minotaur>

FORCED (Alignment -5)


"Wouldn't you say so, [Hero]?"
[X] I share your view of it. (Alignment +1)
[ ] I am not so certain... (Alignment -1)

<Shinjuku - South Entrance>
"I haven't seen you before. Where are you from?"
[X] The surface. (Alignment +1)
[ ] Remain silent (Alignment -5)


"Finish off the demon?"
[X] Finish her off (Alignment -1)
[ ] Don't finish her off (Alignment +1)

<Shinjuku - Government Office Plaza>
"Hey, you four there. Kill this demon for the sake of Shinjuku!"

[X] Kill it (Alignment +1) [You fight Kuebiko]
[ ] Don't kill it (Alignment -5) [You fight the Harpy Horde]

[Careful!] <Ikebukuro Woman>

"...So, which are you Are you human or a demon?"
[ ] I'm a human. (Alignment +10)
[ ] A demon. (Alignment -10)

* Please do not ask this woman to get an alignment. If you did, reload from the save.
* Of course it's possible to get a neutral path even if you talked to her, but you should do some math by yourself. :-(

<Ikebukuro - Capture Black Samurai>

"If you were told that you must live here in Tokyo, do you think that you could...?"
[X] I could manage it. (Alignment +1)
[ ] I could never. (Alignment -1)
[ ] I don't know.

"What will you do?"

[X] Arrest her
[ ] Refuse (Alignment -5)

<Kagome Tower - Rescue VIPs>

FORCED (Alignment +10)

User Info: voidcast

4 years ago#2
<Tokyo Station - Test of Strength>

"What will you do?"

[X] Say you came to kill Yuriko (Alignment -1)
[ ] Say you want to join the Ring (Alignment +5)
[ ] Walk away

<Tsukiji Hongwanji - Passage of Ethics>

[X] Left (Alignment -1)
[ ] Right (Alignment +1)

[X] Left (Alignment -5)
[ ] Right (Alignment +5)

[X] Left (Alignment -5)
[ ] Right (Alignment +5)

<Shinjuku - Florida>

"[Hero]... Are you going to go to Walter's aid?"

[X] Show the matchbox (Alignment +1)
[ ] Walk away

"Do you think we could live in harmony?"

[X] I see no reason why not. (Alignment -1)
[ ] It is an impossibility. (Alignment +5)

<Midtown - Boss Demon - Tenkai>

"Will you reform it and cause chaos? Or will you sustain it, thereby preserving order?

[X] I'll reform it. (Alignment -1)
[ ] I'll sustain it. (Alignment +1)
[ ] I don't know

After the battle Walter asks, "But you know of which I speak, yes?"

[X] I do indeed. (Alignment -1)
[ ] We differ on this. (Alignment +5)

* If you have chosen choices correctly, then you probably got -9. (or -4 if you finished Ishchar too quickly)
* Check with Cynical man to check whether you're in Chaos (-9) or Neutral(-4). At least you shouldn't be in Law.

* From this point, if you side with Jonathan, you'll get +1 (or +6 if you finished Ishchar too quickly)

<Path to Shene Duque>

Visit Walter at the Barracks and he asks, "...Will you come with me to see Lilith?"

[ ] Go with Walter (Alignment -10)
[X] Beg off for now

Visit Jonathan at the Naraku Entrance and he pleads, "Let us go together and destroy Lilith, the root of this evil."

[X] Go with Jonathan (Alignment +10)
[ ] Beg off for now

* Check with Cynical man again. You should be neutral. (+1 or +6). If not neutral, adjust points by doing few other challenge quests.

User Info: voidcast

4 years ago#3
<Mandatory challenge quest for neutral path>

* Okay.. now is the perfect time to clean up "must-have-to-do" challenge quests for neutral route. Here are the list:

- Eggs for One Hundred
- I Want to Make the City Bright
- Deliver the Film
- Samurai and Hunters United
- Hunter Tournament Prelims
"The audience is on its feet, waiting to see what [Hero] does next..."
[ ] Spare your foe (Alignment +1)
[X] Finish him (Alignment -1)

"Everybody's on the edge of their seats. waiting to see what the Samurai Hunter does next!"
[ ] Spare your foe (Alignment +1)
[X] Finish him (Alignment -1)

"A hush falls over the crowd as they wait to see what this unmatched Hunter does next!"
[X] Spare your foe (Alignment +1)
[ ] Finish him (Alignment -1)

"What is [Hero] going to do, now that he's beaten the former champ!?"
[X] Spare your foe (Alignment +1)
[ ] Finish him (Alignment -1)

- Phantom of Madness
- Shelter Inspection
- Ikebukuro Free District
- Demon Guarding the Shrine
- Hunter Tournament Finals

"The audience is holding its breath, waiting for [Hero]'s next move! What will he do next!?"
[X] Spare your foe (Alignment +1)
[ ] Finish him (Alignment -1)

"The entire audience is in suspense! What will the Hunter Samurai do next?"
[X] Spare your foe (Alignment +1)
[ ] Finish him (Alignment -1)

"The entire audience is on tenterhooks as we await [Hero]'s next move. What will this unmatched Hunter do!?"
[ ] Spare your foe (Alignment +1)
[X] Finish him (Alignment -1)

"Now then, what will [Hero] do!?"
[ ] Spare your foe (Alignment +1)
[X] Finish him (Alignment -1)

- Serial Kidnapping + Arson
- I Will Give You My Black Card
- The Great Drunkenness
- Take A Picture of Ginza for Me

* Note that you can adjust your alignment by answering different answers for Hunter Tournaments Prelim / Finals.
* If you are +6, I would recommend to adjust alignment a little bit so to make it close to 0.

<Return to Tsukiji>

FORCED +5 (Kill Lilith)

<Camp Ichigaya - Basements>

"You mark me, yes, [Hero]? As another Casualry."
[ ] Completely. (Alignment -1)
[X] Do not speak for me. (Alignment +5)

The White Shadow asks, "Have you ever given thought to why humans are born? Why the world exists?"

[X] Yes, I have (Alignment -1)
[ ] No, I haven't

<Blasted Tokyo: The Accidental Messiah>

"Hoy, what do you think? We could be in danger..."
[X] Kill them before they kill us. (Alignment -2)
[ ] Let's wait and see... (Alignment +6)

"Hey, show me your Demon Summoning Program and I'll let you out, OK?"
[X] Show him (Alignment +5)
[ ] Don't show him (Alignment -1)

"This remote will be your reward. Will you do it...?"

[X] Accept the request (Alignment +1) (FORCED)
[ ] Decline the request

User Info: voidcast

4 years ago#4
<Giants of Pluto - Pluto>

During the boss battle, Walter asks "You agree, don't you, [Hero]?"

[X] Quite so. (Alignment -1)
[ ] It does bear consideration. (Alignment +1)

FORCED -5 (Kill Pluto)

<Ichigaya Reactor>

[X] Press the button (Alignment -5) (FORCED)
[ ] Don't press the button

<Infernal Tokyo>

"I asked a simple question. Where'd you come from?"
[ ] Tokyo. (Alignment +5)
[X] The Eastern Kingdom of Mikado.

"Will you take on Kenji with me?"
[X] Defeat Kenji with Akira (Alignment -1) (FORCED)
[ ] Don't defeat Kenji

<Shinjuku - Mahamayuri>

"What about you, [Hero]? Do you want to return to our world of origin?"

[ ] I'd like to go home.
[X] I'm comfortable here. (Alignment -1)

<Tokyo Kingmaker - Camp Ichigaya>

"What do you think, [Hero]? 'Tis strange, no...?"
[ ] It is strange (Alignment -1)
[X] It's not strange at all. (Alignment +5)

<Battle with Kenji>

"Push the button?"
[X] Press the button (Alignment +5)
[ ] Don't press the button

<The World's Fate>
"Will you turn the world to naught with your hands as the Messiah...?"

[ ] Return the world to nothing (Nothing Ending)
[X] Don't return the world to nothing (Another question)

"Do you intend to preserve the current status quo? Are you going to destroy the order of things?"

[ ] I'll preserve the status quo. (Alignment +10)
[X] I'll destroy the order of things. (Alignment -10)
[ ] I don't know (Return to previous question)

<After battle at white forest>

* If you wake up with Isabeau, you are locked into Neutral path. Congratulation!

* Must complete the following quests as well to proceed Neutral path.

- Rebirth of the Lady
- Multi-Demon Fusion
- Mysterious Story of Tennozu
- Tokyo Cosmos

User Info: voidcast

4 years ago#5
I played with the steps above, and just watched the Neutral ending.

Thanks to noz3r0 and his guide ( http://www.gamefaqs.com/3ds/672441-shin-megami-tensei-iv/faqs/67458 ) :-)

User Info: TohruAdachi

4 years ago#6
Wish you made this guide earlier,first playthrough and I'm aiming for Neutral but not sure exactly what my allignment points are,oh well whatever ending I get I will just stick with it and try to get Neutral second. Thanks for the guide nonetheless :)
LoL Username : Drippy
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User Info: Bald_Money

4 years ago#7
An easy way to remember the neutral path is to just answer the first option to every question, always go left in the maze, go with Jonathan to the YPR and choose to destroy the status quo when facing the white.

User Info: namelesssomeone

4 years ago#8
Hey, thank you for making this. I've been neglecting the neutral path pretty badly, but this will definitely help motivate me for my third playthrough!
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