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User Info: VS11v

9 months ago#1
Who is your favourite Warrior of Light? - Results (35 votes)
8.57% (3 votes)
22.86% (8 votes)
37.14% (13 votes)
31.43% (11 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I will create more polls about FF Dimensions within this month.

Sarah is my favourite Warrior of Light, followed by Dusk and a tie between Sol and Aigis. How about you.
Let's rock.

User Info: Tibbatron

9 months ago#2
Not very far yet, but Sol seems like a real dingus. Aigis carries the party in the beginning.
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User Info: dragonkiss88

8 months ago#3
I like Sarah for the Light Side, but it's really all about Alba on the Dark Side! She Makes the game 10X better!
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User Info: StyrixA

8 months ago#4
Clearly Sarah is the star, mysterious, kind, and powerful. Sol is kind of annoying, and Aegis is a little too out of place. I find Dusk to be the most jerk-like. Come on, the world is coming to end, you've lost your sister to "somewhere", these people are literally risking their lives with you, and you can't just let them in on what you're up to?!

User Info: StyrixA

8 months ago#5
Having played this through, again, Sarah remains the best. Her backstory is the most beautifully tragic and brave.
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