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User Info: RocketZXblue

7 years ago#1
like seriously? your hitbox is the whole FREAKING Rainbow unicorn, you move away like "okay I dodged that bullet, NOPE your back part hits the bullet.
the first time you fight LSP it's all good you spam bullets till she dies
on new game+? it's like 10 minutes of spamming A (or w/e button).
I died twice, and third try I had a quarter of a heart left!
anyways, good game, nice throwback to zelda 2
use salt on a milkshake = full HP recovery.
tree trunks pie is also a full HP recovery.
use the crystal items for invinicibility, helps a lot during bosses!
for Ice kings first battle (where he's jumping/flying around) use the wings and the crystal together makes his fight a LOT easier.
bombas are your friend especially on new game+, they do 50 damage 3 times (if you hit the enemy correctly)
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User Info: Hiroshi_Mishima

7 years ago#2
I actually breezed through NG+ until I hit the Ice King's first form. I was pretty tired cause it was late, so I did rather poorly and used more items than I'd have needed to. Otherwise, I did fine. I used one bomba on Marceline, but I couldn't shake the feeling I was wasting it.

LSP's fight went about the exact same as it did originally. Both times I beat her with like one heart left. I don't think it was really any harder, and like with the Ice King, I was pretty tired when I did that battle.

How did you get 100% on NG+, though? I wound up with only 95%.
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