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User Info: Maxsayo

7 years ago#1
I really adore this game, but it wasn't until I heard the soundtrack that D3 publishing finally released. There is soooooooo much content I feel is missing. When I heard the music each piece had a 1-2 minutes more of content to the pieces (not just repeats like actually more) even some songs that weren't in the game at all! check out the soundcloud for it the soundtrack(I urge you extremely to check it out). My favorite is the candy kingdom overworld theme, there is so much more to that song that we never heard in the game that makes it so beautiful. However, I digress, I took a look back at the game and I felt like way forward wanted to do so much more for the game but was held back. Like a whole castle in which all you do is fight a tiny knight. I really felt like there was probably going to be a whole dungeon there, or more to the entire map. I don't knock it but I feel it was maybe missing something. I bet there was even going to be the option to play as the gender swapped version of jake and finn option after beating the game.
So share with me your feels if you have beaten or are playing the game, I want to hear what you think or if you have any knowledge on the work situation when this game was in development.

User Info: PurestProdigy

7 years ago#2
It's a pretty short game. It's not impossible that there was a bunch of stuff they wanted work in but couldn't for whatever reason.
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