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User Info: Coolgecko8

8 years ago#1
Well it came out on June 4th, in both dvd and Blu-ray formats (along with season 1 coming to blu-ray)

Of course comes with all 26 episodes of seasons, but every episode has commentary featuring Pen plus various people who worked on said episode

Thoughts? I'm glad we're getting more season sets instead of random compelations sets. By this rate, we'll probably get season 3 around this time next year

Due to some shipping issues with Amazon, my copy won't arrive until Monday. But I don't mind the extra wait, I'm just glad to get my favorite season on dvd.
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User Info: Mariofan15

8 years ago#2
Took them way to long to release season 2 when we're almost finished with season 5.
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User Info: Coolgecko8

8 years ago#3
Sorry for the late update, but I'll recap some interesting info from the dvd commentaries.

*Pen felt the need to censor some parts of the commentary by replacing parts with ukulele music. Since it's a kid's show, he felt the need to censor parts he deemed inappropriate for younger views. There's usually less than a minute's worth of censoring each episode. They also use "orange juice" as a safe word

-The commentaries were recorded in February
-The commentaries consist of Pen, and all of the season 2 storyboard artists (9 people total)
-Gummy the Goblin from The Silent King was originally going to appear in Her Parents as Lady Rainacorn's Parents' servant
-The original ending for Crystals Have Power was having Tree Trunks to get sucked into another dimension after Jake kicks the crystal apple out of her. This was going to be a running theme of Tree Trunks getting rescued, but gets taken away at the end. Basically a Damsel in Distress theme
-A few storyboard artists have tried to give Jake's brother, Jermain, more appearances but he usually gets cut out. Pen said that he should give Jermain his own episode in season 8.
^By this statement one can conclude that season 7's episodes are already set in stone.
But I get the feeling Pen got his numbers mixed up and meant to say 7, not 8.
-The reason Finn and Jake don't question the weird things that happen is because these things are the norm in Ooo and for pacing reasons
-Susan Strong is based off of a character Pen made in a MMO
-Pen doesn't like it when Finn and Jake argue because "they're meant to be bros. And bro don't argue with each other"
-Pen said Heat Signature is a cartoon in Adventure Time. He saids that since Adventure Time takes place a thousand years from now, that Heat Signature is actually a cartoon he, himself creates 10 years from now. He may or may not be joking
-Orange Princess from Loyalty to the King is going to appear in an upcoming episode. (Wether this means the remaining season 5 episodes or season 6 is unclear)
-Choose Goose's legs are broken or do not work
-Besides that, most of the storyboard artists just go over who worked on what episode and some of their favorite lines or moments. But every so often they talk about the origin of characters or lines. Ex.) Rebecca Sugar mentions that the headmaster of the gnomes in Animal Power is based off a dude she met at a party who was eating bean dip with his bare hands.
The only correct way to play as Police Officer Helena is to play Bad Boys through the mic.
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