Cross game trading LOC for ROB

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User Info: SigmaDad

5 years ago#1
I don't know why since this game is identical to Rage of Bahamut, but I don't care to play it as much. If I have anything useful I'll trade it for stuff in RoB. Also, I'm swapping referrals for LOC. Download Rage of Bahamut and, after the tutorial, use the referral code mtw45661 and send me an ingame support with your referral name for LOC. My IGN is SigmaDad for both games. I'll download LOC and use the referral so you get your gold and rare card. If you could level to 10 that would be awesome, but no worries if you don't. I'll still do the referral for you. If you go to 10 I will too and I'll give you whatever I get out of the card pack.

Here are the cards I have for trade. I'll trade them for any comparable RoB cards/items.

Arbor Avenger lvl 25 R
Proud Astaroth R
[Carefree] Vagabond Hydro Dragon R
Netherworld King x2 R

I also have 3 traps, 4 power potions and 3 energy drinks.

I also have a bunch of normal cards.

User Info: reikkia

5 years ago#2
You cant trade hydro dragon since its referral card.
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