Summoning Durnehviir

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User Info: Irish_Artist

5 years ago#1
I left the Soul Cairn, then tried to unlock his summon shout. I says I need dragon souls to do so (like the others). I have 20 dragon souls yet it still won't unlock. What gives?
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User Info: Barakah

5 years ago#2
You're pressing X to spend the souls and not A right? Sorry if that seems like a really stupid question, but that's a mistake I made when I came back to Skyrim after not having played it for a while.

User Info: BluesSoul617

5 years ago#3
Press X to unlock the appropriate shout. When all three words are ready, find some room to summon Durnehviir.
Blues Soul 617

User Info: Lord_Xia

5 years ago#4
I think it might mess up if you take all three words at the same time. I think the quest says to take the first word and then do something. I spent three souls at once and unlocked all three words for it, and never got it to work. I am going to try doing it differently next time.
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