Long Time FFXIV Player Moving On to ESO...Help?

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User Info: sarugaki339

8 months ago#1
So Final Fantasy XIV was my first MMO ever, and still the only one I've ever really played. But lately I've been trying out Elder Scrolls Online, and been enjoying myself for the little bit I've played. Only up to level 8. Now I still love FFXIV, but after beating Stormblood and realizing the endgame is the same as it was in 2.0 and Heavensward, it's starting to feel a little stale. But after 3 years of play, I definitely got my money's worth. In any case, I'm trying out ESO now and I'm looking for some beginner tips from people who have played both games on what exactly is different. I know that's a very broad question, but what made me ask this is in FFXIV, Dungeons were groups of 4 or 8 instanced situations where you worked as a team. You had a tank, a healer, and 2 DPS. In ESO, it seems to be a bit less structured. I'm dual weilding daggers with Dark Magic. No idea if that's good or bad, but it's what I'm doing. I have no aggro building moves, or healing moves, so are there still the defined roles? And I know only being level 8, I haven't gotten to a dungeon yet, but is it instanced, or is it public where random people run through and kill everything before you get 1 spell off, as has been my experience so far? I kind of liked in FFXIV that they had the duty instances, where other players couldn't come in and kill everything. But I also like the group dungeons with your healer, tank, and DPS. So I'm wondering if ESO has features like that. Or what else is similar/different from the two games. I want to like ESO, and I do so far, but admittedly, I just don't fully understand how it works yet, if that makes sense.

User Info: IqarP15

8 months ago#2
TESO is play your way. There are 3 dungeon types. Solo play but got ppl running around. Group dungeon where a group is needed to kill mobs but got other groups running around then the actual dungeons where it's 4 ppl killing mobs and bosses. Normal group dungeons and veteran dungeons.
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User Info: sarugaki339

8 months ago#3
Gotcha so there's definitely some variety there then. Are you ever forced to play a certain type of dungeon to progress through the game? I know you said it's play your way, but I'm used to ffxiv where it was so main story quest based. I unlocked my first dungeons last night, and didn't realize I even had until I looked in the dungeon finder. So by play your way you mean I really could just do the type of dungeon I like?

User Info: drgnchlde

8 months ago#4
The One Tamriel update means that you pretty much are allowed to go anywhere you like, anytime; I never do dungeons much; just for skyshards or the wild hair. I like to craft, run the story, quest a little, and every once in a while, do a group dungeon. You scale in level to the content you're in; so it doesn't matter what level you are. (Although super high level content, you'll need champions levels to keep up, some people are kinda snotty about that.)
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User Info: Jemcrystal

7 months ago#5
TESO forums on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/elderscrollsonline/ has a large player base. More than you will find on Gamefaqs.

Play styles vary in TESO.

There are public dungeons, delves, open world, trials, dlc dungeons, vet dungeons. Some are solo'able. Some are run into strangers and kill mobs together but no grouping up necessary. Some dungeons are easy to party with strangers using a group finder (that everyone says is broke but really it's just a trinity problem - not enough tanks etc etc). Some dungeons you need serious build with the right armor - vet and DLC. Some are better run with guilds and after having studied the dungeon dynamics in advance.

There is exploration. Dolmen Dark Anchors you can defeat higher level mobs. Quests. The main quest line and Cadwell's quests give shards and more xp and coin. Shard hunting to pay for skills and skill level ups. Fishing. Taking pictures of beautiful scenery or comic quests and sharing on reddit. There is a main game forum but it can be less artsy, more trollsy, and very whiny. It is good for updates on server crashes.

There have been a lot of pve players converted to pvp because Cyrodiil is more relaxed. It's HUGE which means you can get away from your enemy if your horse is fast enough (you can level up your mount riding skills with in game coin daily to get the ability to move fast, not fall off when hit, and have more inventory space). Also, hiding actually works. If you crouch and are next to a rock or tree other players cannot see you at all (unless they stumble on you). There are other rogue skills that let you go invisible so you really do have more pvp options than you find in other games.

Crafting is interesting. Diverse. Not grindy. But also not very helpful on your first character(s). You kinda have to play for a long time and get established as a crafter on one or two chars. What you craft depends on the recipes you find. Because crafting spends shards you also need for skills I suggest having two chars you craft with. Deconstruct everything! Research traits RIGHT AWAY EVEN IF YOU ARE ONLY LEVEL ONE.

You can be a werewolf or vampire but not both at the same time. It's fun. There are rp'ing guilds but I find them tedious. I would rather rp alone but that's me.

If you can run FFXIV then you will have no problem with TESO. TESO pushes a processor hard. Note that the game runs better on a gaming computer than on either console. It runs better on console than on a laptop / secretary computer. Avail for Mac but idk how well it runs for them as I'm PC.

Wide variety of payment plans. I got a package deal that gave me all DLC's at reduced price. If you sub you can get some DLC content free - so long as you keep subbing. People will try to push you into going with the subscription model. I prefer one time box-to-play payments. Others will suggest you sub and unsub just to get enough cash shop credits to buy DLC content. I guess that might work but it sounds annoying to have to mess with. I went with Steam because they have sales and I already have all my games thru Steam. But TESO is unplayable if Steam crashes so many people have been saying avoid Steam. Unless you have to I would avoid getting TESO for console because Playstation and Microsoft-Xbox both require a monthly fee to be allowed into an mmorpg. If you plan to play the game with family members it DOES NOT HAVE FAMILY PLANS and will expect you each to buy your own game AND THE INDIVIDUAL DLC's; no sharing!

That answered more questions than what you were interested in but hay I felt chatty tonight.
ESO_Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/elderscrollsonline
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