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User Info: MegaMettaur

5 years ago#1
I played someone earlier 30 songs rounds in a row and he must have blocked 2 or 3 times out if the whole set. He played Squigly and Valentine, and I was playing Squigly and Filia, and later changed to Valentine so I can learn her. I did the same fake combo as Squigly, until one of his characters died. Didn't block it once. Also I demonstrated Squigly's supers and what you can do with them, and he did not attempt to learn it. (Even though he could do the supers). Do people not pay attention during mirror matches or something?
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User Info: djprofessork1

5 years ago#2
Yea, I dunno. Some people just dont get fighters. They just wanna mash buttons and see stuff happen.
I try to teach people as I play, too, like I'll do the exact same throw setup 5 times in a row.. and some people wont even tech it lol

User Info: egglink

5 years ago#3
If this happened about a week ago, that might have been me...
I was destroyed. Couldn't get a hit in at all. They were way to fast, and hit me with non-stop combos.
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User Info: hergman

5 years ago#4
that reminds me of how i play the soul calibur serie. i sank 400 hours in soul calibur 2 and untold numbers of hours into soul calibur 3 and 4.

my play style? i pick one easy to do move and repeat it to infinity.
thats all i ever did in any fighter regardless of what it is
Giovanni : hahaha
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User Info: Gaming King

Gaming King
5 years ago#5
^ The sad thing is, that can actually work in Soulcalibur.

Hey, sort of a tangent, but is it possible to find strictly beginner matches in Skullgirls? I haven't played much yet. Trying to beat the tutorials completely before doing other modes (I know, I'm insane), but after a little Arcade and Story, I may well get the urge to venture online, so it would be good to know.

Also, who's easy to learn? Though I may wind up not caring, as only Parasoul and Squiggly appeal to me much, that's still useful information.
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User Info: Svierrod

5 years ago#6
I would recommend starting with Peacock. You can fight effectively by just using her Special Moves and her Jumping Heavy attacks, and even though she can do combos, they're not her strong suit. Try using her George At The Air Show, and follow it up with BANG BANG BANG!. If your opponent jumps, they'll hit George, but if they run at you, they'll get hit by Peacock's projectiles. Her Argus Agony move is a really, really awesome super attack, and it only costs 1 meter. If you play on a team, put Peacock at the end, build up as much super meter as you can, and when you're down to just Peacock, go crazy.

If you prefer a more combo centered character, start with Filia. String together moves like Crouching MK, Standing HP, then Jumping MP to take a combo into the air. Go into practice mode, start putting together her normal attacks, and see exactly what works. Specifically, try doing moves on the ground, end with Standing HP, and then jump forward and do jumping attacks. Whenever you feel like you can't do any more normal moves, slap the Heavy version of Hairball onto the end of that combo, and then Gregor Samson if you have the meter for it. Gregor Samson actually knocks the opponent away so hard they bounce back towards you, so you can keep hitting them and tacking on damage.

I would also recommend NOT starting with Painwheel or Squigly. Both characters are really technical, and you really have to know exactly what you're doing to succeed. Painwheel has a hard time doing good combos without using her Flight cancelling technique, and Squigly relies on Stance cancels for her more dangerous stuff. Mike Z (the lead designer) said that Squigly is not at all designed for beginners, but most beginners will put her on their team for her awesome assists (especially Silver Chord and Center Stage), so having Squigly as your backup character might help.
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