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User Info: Topkick1975

6 years ago#1
Anyone else get severely nauseated by the first few levels? Obviously not because of the content, but because... well, I don't know, by the disorientation.

I've been playing games forever, and I've heard of people getting queasy because of first person shooters. I've never had that problem before, but the early levels of this game, with all the white... just killing me.

It's a pity, its a lovely game and concept, it just seems to be wreaking havoc on me.

Wondering if anyone else felt that.

User Info: Tmomen

6 years ago#2
Actually, yes. I went through the first level, replayed it, and by the end of it, my stomach was doing flips. I had to stop. I also have no problem playing FP games, either.

Honestly, even sitting here thinking about playing it again is making my stomach feel sour.

Completely agreed, though. I enjoyed what I played of it, and I wish I could play through the rest, but I don't even know if I can at this point..:/

User Info: Topkick1975

6 years ago#3
^ Glad to know I'm not alone (Well, actually no, it'd be nice if no-one else had to miss out because of nausea, but thanks for posting.)

User Info: tricky_one

6 years ago#4
I never experienced that. I thought the game had slow reaction times which helped keep those symptoms away. I only get light headed when I get too close to the tv in FPS games and turn but from a normal distance from my couch everything is fine.
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