Watch & weep you casuals...

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User Info: SgtStrungOut

4 years ago#21
RawringAir posted...
TC you're bad I don't know why you made this awful video but please do us all a favor and never post on my board again


You are mad haha. Casual gamer confirmed.
PSN ID = ContraCommando

User Info: supercoolisaac

4 years ago#22
iROCK95 posted...
This makes me miss competitive GoW :(

kinda random, but if you followed competitive GoW do you know of Deadly?
Love Always Shines, Everytime, Remember to Smile

User Info: gdogghenrikson

4 years ago#23
WorstSniperEver posted...
So owning lots of other games = hardcore gamer? I'm so confused over this whole 'hardcore vs casual' stuff lol

If Call of Duty is for casuals, then what games are for hardcore? And the first person to say "lmfao Battlefield, stupid" is getting the taste slapped from their virtual mouth.

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  3. Watch & weep you casuals...

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