Anyone else make this the last COD game they will ever buy.

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  3. Anyone else make this the last COD game they will ever buy.

User Info: xAceWindu

5 years ago#1
A lot of you may disagree but to me Black Ops 1 was best Call of Duty.

Idk, when this one came out, I never have connection problems with cod games, I was constantly getting kicked which led to b.s. corner timeouts. I took like 2 weeks off, and it was better.

I took another break came back, was playing great. I don't recall what happened recently that I fully decided I was quitting for good. But I did.. My brother and my pal begged for me to play last week and I did, second match in dropped a nuclear. I stopped playing. Today will be the last for sure, might just leave the game somewhere for someone to take.

I think a large part of me leaving is the whole I shoot 15-30 bullets and the magic knife comes and gets you.

I know I'll be moving to BF4.. if that's no good, might just go back to the where it all started and just play GTA TDM.
GT: Random Hero Ace
Playing: NBA 2k13, Black Ops 2, Sleeping Dogs, Transformers Fall of Cybertron, RE6, AC3

User Info: pyrokinesis666

5 years ago#2
ill rent ghosts first and will buy if i like it

User Info: sonic_rockz

5 years ago#3
The last Treyarch CoD. There's a miniscule amount of hope left for IW.
Paper is OP, scissors is fine. - Rock

User Info: MissElena

5 years ago#4
Yup, and after GTA V, I'll be done with videogames. I couldn't care less about Ghosts/Next gen consoles.
GT: Varaza
6 more months till I get ma BMW ^.^

User Info: Webmaster4531

5 years ago#5
A girl quitting videogames? Like that never happens... *end sarcasm*
Ad Hominem.

User Info: Superman070776

5 years ago#6
I'm going to keep buying them as long as I have fun playing them. I wonder, though, if the kids who won't get it anymore will at least stay out of the forums....probably not.
Gamertag: BoilingKoolaid

User Info: ShELbY_GT500

5 years ago#7
Black Ops 1 is by far my favourite CoD but I'll be getting Ghosts. imo CoD has hit rock bottom with BO2 and it can only get better from here - I hope. Its not that I dont like BO2 but netcoding and respawn is by far the worst Ive experienced.
Only a lousy player uses the Target Finder

User Info: Thierrymon

5 years ago#8
I think I will still get ghosts but it will probably be my last chance for CoD. If they screw it up like they did black ops 2 I probably wont purchase another.

If they manage to recapture what made the early CoD games fun then I will continue buying them.

User Info: MrB730

5 years ago#9
Ill probably buy Ghost i still enjoy the games. I can barely play the old games nowadays anyway it takes forever to find a lobby in mw3 due to the lack of people playing and i expect that will happen to blops2 as well so if i want to keep playing cod i kinda have to buy the new one. But like i said i still enjoy the games so its fine.
Thou shall not ragequit. - Commandment # 11

User Info: pyrokinesis666

5 years ago#10
hopefully the first next gen cod will be as big of an advancement as cod4 was from 3
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  3. Anyone else make this the last COD game they will ever buy.

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