What maps won't you play?

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User Info: Silver17

5 years ago#11
With the exception of Turbine and sometimes Aftermath, I pretty much play all of them...
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User Info: bigt2002

5 years ago#12
Won't play Aftermath, Carrier, Yemen, or Drone

Love Slums, Hijacked, Raid though
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User Info: Haahahaha

5 years ago#13
Carrier and borderline after math.
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User Info: Evil Squall

Evil Squall
5 years ago#14
Slums. Thats it. Every other map i can sort of enjoy.
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User Info: JSpilla

5 years ago#15
only aftermath

User Info: GRTooCool

5 years ago#16
Won't? Really? I play every map.

If I don't like it, I'll play through it and just try my best.
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User Info: GameMaster14GM

5 years ago#17
every map in this game is fine..

..... its nothing...like....


User Info: AaronHutch

5 years ago#18
whats with the Express hate? its one of the better maps
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User Info: Alexanaxela

5 years ago#19
AaronHutch posted...
whats with the Express hate? its one of the better maps

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User Info: FeelMyBlade

5 years ago#20
Only Carrier.
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