Poll: When was Zombies at its best?

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User Info: Cheko2015

5 years ago#1
I would use the poll feature but it always glitches out on my comp so we will do it the old fashion way. But in yall's opinion when did Zombies hit its peak on its story, its maps in terms of both layout and atmosphere, its easter eggs, and its weapons and features?

A. W@W. Zombies was the best back when it was in its simpler days. Now with each installment they convolute it more and more with needless additions and tedious gameplay choices. The atmosphere has been taking a dive as well.

B. Black Ops 1. Zombies hit its peak during this time. You had great wonder weapons like the thundergun, shrink ray, and wave gun and amazing map locations like Moon, Shang, Ascension, etc. Story met its climax with the moon easter egg. All in all, very fun. Black Ops II has been a bit of disappointment so far.

C. Black Ops 2. With each zombies installment, it gets better and better. Still building momentum. Tranzit is amazing, buildables are a great new feature. Atmosphere and story is getting more and more interesting. And with Die Rise, future dlc maps look promising.

Ill have to go with B myself. I think it hits peak with BO 1. BO2 just seemed to a bit of a disappointment so far. I miss the old characters and old map locations. Tranzit was tedious with its spread out locations and lava lava lava. Story doesnt seems as interesting and the wonder weapons arent as good. Die Rise however shows promise to returning to a more of a Black Ops 1 map design and feel so I think zombies definately has the potential to get better in BO2.
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User Info: BobbyCreek

5 years ago#2
there is an actual poll option ya know

User Info: Garrafan

5 years ago#3
PLEASE remake this topic with a poll so it can be awesome.
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User Info: BS_Infinite

5 years ago#4
I'd say B mostly because I hate the new characters
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