Why does everyone here like Mirage? It's this pack's garbage map.

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  3. Why does everyone here like Mirage? It's this pack's garbage map.

User Info: slayerxelite

5 years ago#11
The garbage map is hands down Hydro. Its so bad my words cant accurately express the **** fest that it is
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User Info: Gritzblitz56

5 years ago#12
GreatTroySensei posted...
__redxiii__ posted...
It seems to me like you have no idea how spawns work.

I know how they usually work, and I know how they work in every other match on Mirage, where I spawn and I'm instantly shot in the back because everywhere has vantage over everywhere.

It's an aesthetically cluttered, chaotic garbage map. I don't care if it has 'good flag positions' for babby modes.

You have just described every map on this game.

What I wouldn't give for just one map like overgrown or derail. But kids now can't be bothered to actually find the enemy and approach them without being seen. Or to use a sniper rifle as if it were a sniper rifle. They just want something to shoot NOW. So we get the tiny, cluttered maps that we have.

Now all if you get off my lawn.
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User Info: dueric

5 years ago#13
Well, it's the best damn garbage map we've ever had.

I'll take that any day.
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User Info: DoNotPassGoPSMO

5 years ago#14
Maps like that are ruined by the "initial" spawn areas. If those "back sections" didn't exist, the maps would play better. I hate running by those because I know I HAVE to look that way at someone point because someone is spawning there, but when I look I get shot from the actual map, and when I do I get killed by 2 people spawning.
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User Info: Lord_TenseEye

5 years ago#15
From my experience, the spawns on it are utter trash. IMO it's the worst out of the new maps.

User Info: HuffyChicken

5 years ago#16
GreatTroySensei posted...
Every pack has one, Mirage is it.

Way too busy, spawns all over the place [get shot in the back all day] and no modern shopping mall in China would be built in a desert with the design aesthetic of a P.F.Chang's. Just... the whole thing is stupid.

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User Info: cheezedadada

5 years ago#17
__redxiii__ posted...
Sacred_Asylum posted...
iomega311 posted...
Topic is really crappy.

Not only that, but TC spelled Hydro wrong.

Hydro is a great map, what are you talking about? Express and Hydro are the best maps IMO simply because they are symmetrical.

Hydro sucked at first for me but then I realized how great it is and now I love it....

...unfortunately for Express, I hated that before and I hate it even more now. It might be the only map I dislike enough to not want to play it.
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User Info: GreatTroySensei

5 years ago#18
Thinking I get it now: The game had too many smallish, rush heavy maps, and Mirage is a sprawling camp-fest, so some of you are happy to have it changed up a bit.

That makes sense in a way, it just isn't for me.

God, I miss MW2's maps.
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User Info: fffez

5 years ago#19
From: GreatTroySensei | #018
God, I miss MW2's maps.

i do too.

i miss noobtubing on terminal, wasteland, etc

User Info: Knightmare117

5 years ago#20
GreatTroySensei posted...
in China... with the design aesthetic of a P.F.Chang's

First off, as it's been said already, it isn't a mall. Secondly, I am getting the strong sense you've never set foot out of your suburb, let alone been to China.

Places like P. F. Chang's and the Chinatown sections of large cities share aesthetics with traditional and historical Chinese architecture, Chang's didn't invent it.
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  3. Why does everyone here like Mirage? It's this pack's garbage map.

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