People with KDR above 2.0, how did YOU get it.

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User Info: __redxiii__

5 years ago#21
sgr8 posted...
i got to kd of 2+ by camping. running and gunning i did pretty bad.

I respsect you. No shame in your game. Unlike people who secretly camp. *im watching u*


5 years ago#22
Hitman_67 posted...
Just curious, and i know you won't be fully honest.
But i want to see what stories or truths even behind the 2.50, 3.40 whatever KDR stats.

After playing with a guy, who had a KDR of 2.50+ and bragged about how "awesome" he was. I noticed he just camped the stairs with a shotgun on hijacked and spawnkill the others while in FFA. Learning how he played and killing him many times after made Mr "Awesome" ragequit, with an excuse of course.

I notice a lot of you often brag about Youtube channels, being Pro, and your high KDR. So just tell me your story of how you got this high stat.

Did you ever reset stats?
Boost maybe?
Perhaps camped an objective game?
Maybe you're just good (I expect to see a lot of this)

go ahead, be honest. Or hell, lie even. I just want to see what you come up with. Shockingly tells a lot about a player.

si think there are 2 camps here. youll have the players that are just naturally good at the game i play with a few guys with over a 2 KD and its just sick how good they are. then there are the rest of us my KD is 1.57 which im quite happy with and i think thats about as high as my personal ability will allow me to go.

now next comes the weird part. i played witha guy yesterday randomly in a KC lobby on hardcore, his KD was 3.96 with a SPM of 502 now im sitting there thinking this guy is going to be awesome. truth was he was absolute dog toffee i unluckily had the weopon on my team and he finished the game 11/27 now im sitting there thinking 'how is that possible'' i then get a meassage from said weopon after the game ''im setting up a boosting lobby if your interested'' at this my head fell off and i proceeded to send him a torrent of abuse. the sad fact is that the vast majority of peeps you see with massive KD ratio's and huge SPM are boosters or dashboard when they come accross slightly better than average players like myself basically they just suck donkey pole look at the leaderboards on any game mode and probably the top 10000 players have all boosted.

User Info: Shadonic

5 years ago#23
My 2.0kd+ is just what I've gotten naturally, I play little objective games ( moreso in the past few weeks now that I'm in a clan than I would on my own. almost always play HC TDM by myself, and just run around kicking *** and taking names (something like 18k kills / 9k deaths).

in the lobby leaderboards, kd's 2.06 and spm is 307, overall k/d is 1.98 / 330 spm and that includes going around golding all the ar's / SMG's.

Lots of map awareness, aiming as i round certain corners to get the first shot in, and HC's less reliance on lag and camping to win means that my run and gun playstyle pays dividends, especially if i can push into an enemies spawn, usually net a fury kill or so before I go down or run out of enemies.
Gah! My 0's fallen off! has anyone seen it?

User Info: trakrunr4evr

5 years ago#24
Well my first COD was Black Ops. I was horrible at it. Since then I've played MW3 and now BO2. I guess I've learned how to play the game better than when i first started? No, I don't dashboard. If I did my stats would be a lot more impressive than a 2.2 KD lol
GT: Stelthmastr

User Info: Raul_7x

5 years ago#25
almost 3KD with 3.5WL and 490SPM. playing usually with 2 or 3 IRL friends (no MLG pros or something). mostly running UAV, CUAV and VSAT and playing Dom. Map + Spawn knowlegde will help you the most. reflexes and aim can somewhat be trained over time.

User Info: CmorningWood

5 years ago#26
Anybody with the ability to aim with connection on their side can get a 2.0+
GamerTag: CraigBeGrizz

User Info: nath999

5 years ago#27
It's just about awareness, pay attention to what's happening around you and look at your radar. Once you get used to the maps you'll realize that they almost always play out the same way eg. people always going to the same spots and the way spawns flip.

Also set up good classes, set up some classes with perks to help you all the time instead of the perks that are reliant on what the enemy is using.

Use Scorestreaks that are realistically attainable to your skill level or what's even better is using streaks that will help the entire team rather than just boost your kills. For example I run UAV>VSAT>VTOL but when I first started BO2 I went with UAV>CUAV>Lightning Strike.

If you are playing an objective game mode which is pretty much everything other than TDM than PTFO but don't be an idiot by just continuously running out and dying. Try to clear the area first then go for the capture/plant/tag collect.

Also use the outside of the map to get around because running through the middle leaves you as a sitting duck and never stay in the same spot for long.

This is a tip that I still don't even follow sometimes but try not to reload after every kill try to get to a relatively safe area then reload.
PSN / GT: Deathstroke XII

User Info: Mr_GreenX

5 years ago#28
Camp, camp, camp.

All you have to do is camp. Get high killstreaks. and go 22 and 2.

User Info: noviBouquets

5 years ago#29
Dont be an idiot? I haven't played since CoD4 but im actually enjoying this game a lot. i found a set-up that worked and since then i can still count my number of negative games on one hand. Connection is an extremely obvious factor, but unless youre getting spawntrapped theres no reason you cant at least get 1.0. Just think. and aiming helps. have a cold-blood blind-eye engineer with black hats and rockets for when things get nasty. i always use a silencer but im more of a run-around-like-a-nut type player. if campers have you buttpained use the MMS

User Info: Made_of_fail

5 years ago#30
I play Search. Sure I might go play Dom sometimes if i want to pad my k/d a bit, but Search allows it to go up slowly , and even if I go negative, it isn't a big hit to my k/d. I've been stuck on a 3.94 for the past few weeks. The reason why I'm so good is because I know how stupid kids think in Search. Map awareness is the biggest skill you can have in this game. Aiming is second, but then again, I use a M+K so it's super easy for me anyways.
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