How much is this game worth to you?

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User Info: bbert901

5 years ago#31
i planned on getting this all year, so i was ready to spend 60 bucks. i don't buy a lot of games, so it was no big deal. if you're not used to paying 60 bucks a game at this point you should probably just get used to it by now. unless you buy like a game or two a week, which i would understand on a video game site, i'm sure there are a lot of gamers that buy tons of games around here.

User Info: gucciburrr

5 years ago#32
This game doesn't have an online pass so there's absolutely no reason to buy it new. With the worst netcode available and not one shred of evidence to assume a fix is coming, search online for a nice used copy. I know people have to be selling their copy of this broken game by the boatload...
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User Info: sicNME

5 years ago#33
Yeah, games have been around 60 bucks, some more some less. But with a yearly release...and the small changes they make, does it really justify the 60 dollar price tag?

Yeah, there are a bunch of people selling this game. I had no problem finding it for 25 bucks. There's no good reason to pay full price in my opinion.
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  3. How much is this game worth to you?

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